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World of Tanks Leak: Battle Pass Season 5 Core Vehicles

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World of Tanks Battle Pass Season 4 is only a month away from ending and after a short break of a couple of days, Season 5 will be coming up!

Season 5 will continue with the same format, it will run for 3 months and will have three Chapters, each consisting of 50 Stages. The new season will also feature three new core vehicles:

  • Tier X AMX 50 B French heavy tank
  • Tier X CS-63 Polish medium tank
  • Tier X FV217 Badger British tank destroyer

These three vehicles will have their own brand new progressive 3D styles just like in Season 4, each stage will have its own rewards and a unique crew member will be awarded by completing each Chapter.

Plus, you will be able to get points in more game modes: Frontline and Recon Mission. The new season will also bring a piece of brand new bounty equipment: Bounty Low Noise Exhaust System.

9 thoughts on “World of Tanks Leak: Battle Pass Season 5 Core Vehicles

  1. Sooo, we still won’t get the 1 bounty equipm/season for the standard path that we used to get last year, oh well. FeelsBadMan

  2. can i use my 9 battle pass coins in the new season too or they will be converted to some bonds if i dont pick a tank with them?

    1. That’s for 1.13.1 which will come later once testing is done.

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