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World of Tanks – Launcher new Features

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Hello Tankers,

A new feature for WOT Launcher has been introduced for Supertesters: Check Game Integrity.

This feature is already in World of Warships Launcher, and its quite useful, as it checks your game if you got any problems. If there are it just downloads and repairs the missing or damaged files without having to download the entire game.


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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Launcher new Features

  1. The question is … what will this do with those who use modifications. Is this the next step to implement their anti-cheat program?

  2. Then it’s a great feature. I can’t tell anything of WoWs because that I don’t play (anymore). 😉

  3. Well… I doesn’t work all the time. Just had a problem with my WoWS and the repair didn’t work. Updated 4mb, and can’t open their own package file lol so I have to reinstall the game.

  4. Okay … also there are a bunch of bugs eating the data. 😛

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