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World of Tanks – KV-5 in need of rebalance?

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Hello everyone,

Seems there is a lot of “rant” over the KV-5 lately and Murazor said the following about it:

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“KV-5 has not just been stupidly buffed, but redone. Some buffs, some nerfs, and it got an overall rebalance, but here comes the trouble since we don’t nerf premium tanks, e.g. if we give it 200 pen, we’ll have to nerf DPM, but we’re not allowed to. There is no simple solution, sadly. I would redo it but am not allowed to.”

Source: WOT Express

So, what you think? I personally don’t see where this is all coming from. I have the KV-5 since it came out, together with the Lowe, they were the first Tier VIII Premium Heavy Tanks released to the game, where everyone could buy them in game for gold and it’s one of my favourite premium tanks.

At the time they were both fine and quite powerful, the KV-5 had special matchmaking and that what it makes him very special and good on farming credits.

The idea of a premium tank, since the beginning, was: to be fun to play, decent stats but inferior to their standard counter parts.

Now, everyone rants about the low pen and how almost everyone can penetrate it even with good armour. Is it the KV-5 fault? No, not really. The major fault is on Wargaming that changed the game direction and introduced new tanks that can counter this heavy tank very well. I believe the main problem with this tanks, is that players are taking them against other heavily armoured tanks and they shouldn’t. The KV-5 is not a line pusher against any tank. The KV-5 is good against same tier or lower tier tanks, and players should avoid fighting against heavily armoured vehicles in the game, only when there isn’t another alternative.

Wargaming did release quite few shitty premium tanks, but for me the KV-5 is not one of this cases, its fine and not really difficult to play. On the EU Server alone, there are about 70.000 players with this tank, if they nerf it in any aspect, how would these players react?

If they buff the penetration like some players are asking, what about the Type 59? Or the T-34-3? Both of them have low penetration values and statistic wise they are not doing well to. Yes, the Type 59 is not available in the store, but so the KV-5 is not, it only available in special occasions… What do you think? Is it OK or does it need to be redone?

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – KV-5 in need of rebalance?

  1. When i meet a tier 8, if he can’t pen me either he loads gold or the fellows behind him does. No fault there but tier 6’s will have no problem going through the obvious weak points unless they are new to the game.

    Kv5 meets a tank of equal tier or higher the following happens, either the kv5 loads Gold, a teammate intervenes or it loses.

    While the kv5 side-scrapes the turret face or mantle is easily penned, there is the engine deck rear face that peaks out upon side scraping, there is only 100mm of armour…maybe both frontal turrets are weaknesses as well as the lower plate. The turret cupola is another easily penned area, you only need about 150mm of pen to deal with these.

    Do i even need to mention that the turret is nearly vertically set on the ch***is? or the amount of artillery shells it attracts?

    I look at the kv5 and i see a once proud tier 8 premium soviet monster that has awoke into an environment that has been adapted to deal with it.

    I am for the balance, if you’re allowed to buff it, so do it. It loses to all of the IS-3 imitators. For me, it is currently unplayable.

    It used to be fun, but that was back before 8.0. 50$ to play a tank that is not feared anymore? not worth it as of right now.

  2. I have and its ap sucks. I only use it on full apcr config. And the armor sucks…

  3. I honestly don’t think its op in any sense of the word. It’s slow and i find you can easily destroy it in almost every occasion. Not too mention that if you are slightly competent it doesn’t matter what the kv-5 does it will get wrecked but at the same time its not really under powered. I’ve seen many decent players do well very easily in this tank if they have atleast a basic understanding of mechanics as well as tactics. I find that to me it currently sits in a nicely balanced slot of not being better than the its tier 8 tech tree counterparts like it should be.

  4. Oh noes, gold warriors lost their toys… It was nice while they could roll on the battlefield with godmode on, right? For years, they made the rest of the players miserable not by skill, but by shelling out some cash.
    And while KV-5 was a somewhat minor annoyance (at least you could run away from it), everybody remembers the T-59 hordes. No buffing, please; let them fight with their wallet again (supporting the game development for the suckers that get owned with cash), or let the whinners use the normal tanks which everyone could get by normal grind.

  5. your how to play the kv5 makes you sound kinda silly, its god damn amazing at shooting anything, all you need is the power of aim, and I know its a magical, mystical power for some people, but if you dont have it, the kv5 is not the tank for you

  6. 0.43 accuracy and 2.86s aiming time is pretty bad.The pen is ok if you know where to aim (same as super pershing) but with that accuracy you depend on RNG to hit weakspots…I was never outplayed by a KV-5 in my super pershing.I think they should buff it’s accuracy to 0.4 and aiming time to 2.5s

  7. I do not think this issue globally. I am not of the WGs staff, I’m not paid for it. I see the situation as a owner of a KV-5 and I think they reallyshould give a buff in the pen. A lot of players today use gold rounds, it seems like everyone can pen a KV-5 and I feel forced to use APCR too and this makes the KV-5 a tank that does not make credits.

  8. As a KV-5 owner i haven’t played that tank since like 9.0.

    Armor is pretty cut n dry with thickness and flat sides. Could WG buff it past historical?? Sure, seeing it is the only way to combat the increase in pen values minus gold.

    Mobility is pretty logical. It is so damn heavy you wont find a use there.

    Gun Handling. Seems to be an area to buff. aim time, accuracy (Dispersion) and/or bloom from turret moving.

    Pen…well it could use a slight change IMO. The Kv5 uses the 107 Zis 6M and the Kv4 has that and the 107 Zis 24 as a tier 9 gun.

    So with that simple breakdown it really does limit how to give some edge to a premium tank. since both KV’s share the same gun you would have to buff both or none at all situation, regarding the Pen. I mean 167 is on the low-**** side at tier 8. Forces one to use gold ammo since so many tanks you will face will damage you outright, you have to deal damage before you die mentality. Would a small buff from 167 to say 175 for normal AP be bad? Gold ammo being 219 is fine since the that is in the range of most tier 8’s :: 212 – 232.

    I think the real buff should be to the gun handling. Giving some better dispersion and aim time..maybe .38 accuracy and 2.68 aim time values.

    kind of hard to keep it compe***ive and relative.

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