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World of Tanks: Italian Tanks – Tier I to X

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It’s time to reveal the full Italian nation! While in the last couple of days we had a preview of the lower Tier vehicles, we now got information on the higher Tier vehicles and these look really cool.

If you are wondering when you will be able to play these tanks, be prepared that all these tanks will be released on first post 1.0 update (possibly named 1.0.1). Not long to wait so we can finally see all the pasta tanks in the game and enjoy eleven new tanks.

Historical Spotlight

The new branch of mediums covers three periods of Italian tank design: the timid first steps, the catch-up and post-war, western-oriented.

  • The timid first steps: Out in front in terms of tank design at the time was the French. The Italian tanks drew inspiration from, or more blatantly copied, French designs but over time experimented with their own ideas. Distinguishing features were light armour and various gun calibres.
  • Catch-up Phase: Attempting to reach the standard set by the most developed tank-building nations, it was about more firepower and thicker armour. Originally started to produce heavies, it was actually mediums that made it off the production line.
  • Post-war, Western-oriented: Now it was all about mobility, excellent firepower, good angles of depression and insignificant armour.

Please note some models aren’t complete yet, so they are missing textures.

Tiers I–VII Overview

Tier I – Fiat 3000

Tier II – L6/40

Tier II – M14/41

Tier III – M15/42

Tier IV – P26/40

Tier V – P.43

Tier VI – P.43 bis

Tier VII – P.43 ter

Tiers VIII–X Overview

Tier VIII – P.44 Pantera

P.44 Pantera—the first in the branch to have that feature you’ve all been waiting for – the auto-reloading drum.

The Pantera was one of the variants sparked by a project that was developed during the Second World War. Work on the medium tank never made it past the preliminary design stage.

With a long-barreled 90mm cannon, good depression and mobility, it can occupy advantageous positions. The new mechanic means that the tank can feel more at home at close and medium distances but just be cautious when at long-range.

Tier IX – Prototipo Standard B

Stemming from a group of prototypes developed and manufactured during the Kampfpanzer Standard program which Italy first took part in in 1958. In collaboration with Ingeniuerbüro Warn-eke, Rheinstahl Hanomag, Henschel and Rheinmetall, only two models were produced under the program. After extensive testing, preference was given to the group “A” prototypes, which after further work came to be known more commonly as the Leopard 1.

The first post-WWII tank in the Italian tree, it bears a striking resemblance to the German proto-type Leopard in terms of dimensions and silhouette. As with the Pantera, the Prototipo also fea-tures the new mechanic. Possessing a 105mm gun and a similar angles of depression, this tank could be seen as the direct descendant of the Tier X Progetto. This means you can hone your tactics in preparation for unlocking the Tier X steel beast.

As with the Pantera, the tank performs well at close and medium distances but the Leopard’s inherent weak armor still means you need to be careful.

 Tier X – Progetto M40 mod 65

In 1969, a military delegation from Italy visited Germany to discuss purchasing Leopard tanks. However, not all the delegates agreed with the idea of acquiring foreign tanks. The Italian military and constructers outlined their basic wishes: decent depression, cast turret and gun mantlet and the powerful Mitsubishi engine. Their wishes resulted in the creation of a small, light, mobile but well protected tank.

During the design process, British and Soviet developments were taken into account. Other than further drawings and blueprints, the tank never went any further.

Futuristic form and better gun characteristic with the new mechanics make it possible to fully unleash the skills acquired from the tanks further down the tech branch and the Italian premium. The Progetto M40 mod. 65’s good depression and mobility will help you occupy advantageous positions on the battlefield. As at Tiers VIII and IX, the tank performs well at close to medium distances but the armor isn’t something to be relied upon, other than possible bouncing of shells from the hull and turret.

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  1. These tanks look like uncooked Pasta, appropriate for Italy. XD

  2. Tier X looks like a spaceship and the Tier VIII looks like someone asked an 8 year old to draw a German Panther tank from memory.

  3. So do tell me, if this tier X have anything real or its 100% made up by WG.? Coz I cant find anyting about it.

  4. The tier 10 is a baby IS-6 with an IS-7 turret mixed with a Centurion AX turret and a British L7 gun. It looks wierd, but oddly awesome!

  5. I don’t know. I know that loads of times they find a lot of information on vehicles in archives, but they aren’t allowed to post it due to copyrights and other issues.

  6. Gotta love those self proclaimed tank experts, who always know better than anyone else what tank is fake and what isn’t 😀

  7. Gotta love WG historians who found in deep abyss 1500 HP engine for 268V4 and 705A. Wonder why T64 never use that engine.

  8. About copyrights. You play game on youtube, and you can be strike by copyrights of music that is in game! Madness.

    Sorry but if they allow WG to add them to game, why fans of tanks as whole, cant get small info about them. That shame. I would love to take closer look on those plans.

  9. It’s not just that, it’s for example: WG has to pay the museum X to access the archives. Doesn’t mean they can’t use the data they gather to create the tank, but that also doesn’t mean they can share the information publicly. Unfortunately that’s how it works. For example, the FV217 Badger, they didn’t have access to it, someone got the information p***ed to them, they added the vehicle to the game (that’s what I’ve been told), but they can’t share the information publicly.

  10. Fairly sure the nations that participated in the Standard-Panzer project were France and Germany

  11. It was France, Germany and Italy that participated, and the result was a tank that no one wanted (europanzer) and then Germany developed the Leopard 1 from it, France developed the AMX 30 from it and Italy used the Leopard 1

  12. Well yeah, the OTO Centauro would’ve fit much more, but hey. Nowhere near as sexy as the Progetto M40.

  13. Some of us give precisely zero ****s about whether it existed or not. It adds a new gameplay mechanic to the game and I think it looks gorgeous.

  14. And it seems that the Maus has been rolling on that turret again… ‘coz it reminds me of T100LT…

  15. Pantera actually existed (heavily based on the German Panther) on the drawing board: I just am not sure about the details, like turret, wheel train and engine compartment: I doubt the project even got that far in detail since the war was going badly and the Italian industry had been shredded to pieces by allied bombing. I’m rather skeptical about the autoloading which came quite a lot later, aimed at upgrading the M47 and the Leopard as a new loading device from OTO Melara. The Europanzer was just a way to include this (prototype) tank in game, since both Germany and France got a pre production sample of the Leo and the AMX: actually Italy was barely involved in the program by the time the early concept was draw, but I guess they had nothing better. Tier X smells like fantasy (albeit we have loads of this same crap on Russian and Chinese tech trees I will not entirely exclude the existence of some drawing for an entirely Italian tank, but nothing as detailed as this. The autoloading system existed for sure at that stage, but was never proposed for anything except for upgrading existing projects.

  16. since the tier 9 is a german leopard pt b (as the name says). nothing more and nothing less, i’m surprised they didn’t choose the m47 since italy built 2000 of them. i f i recall well it was the second largest producer and operator after the usa
    the tier 10 looks a helluva lot like a europanzer. the hull is nearly identical and hte turret very similar. just a little flatter.
    by the way where can i learn more about hte autoloader? i can’t find any sources but second hand rumors about the oto melara m47 and oto centauro

  17. To me it looks like the tier 9 can’t turn its turret 360 degrees. Or at least it will have terrible depression over there. 😛

  18. the tier 10 looks like a modern MBT to me idk where u see a panther

  19. it can’t be “copyright”. no-one holds copyrights on designs of tanks. all there can be are patents and state secrets.
    patents are public. you can read them and watch the schematics, you just can’t build what they represent without paying a fee.
    about states secrets, they’re no secrets if they can be shared with a russian company. if they can be shared to a company that has no roles in manufacturing, designing or evaluate tanks then it has no more clearance than any world of tanks player.

  20. If they are historical documents held by an entity, they hold the copyright rights to them. Museums and Archives can share information with a person/company but at the same time block them from sharing the information in any form with other people. They can also give access to a company like WG to create content to a game, but not allow them to share any technical/specific information about it. It’s not that linear and simple, to be honest.

  21. Trash tank tree.
    WG can’t make a playable line since early 2016…
    I think the german paper TDs were the last playable line.
    After it they just **** out crap tanks.

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