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World of Tanks: Homefront – Defend your Homeland

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Starting on 25th of July, a new PvE game mode event will be available to World of Tanks: Homefront. Teams of five players will have to defend the Eastern or Western Front and fight off armies of enemies who will attack in waves.

Homefront Dates
From 25 July to 5 August 2019

General Overview

Battles take place on both the Eastern and Western Fronts. On each of them, you can join one of three Divisions.

The Eastern Front (Soviets)

  • The Ironsides
  • The Crimson Mongrels
  • The Beast Slayers

The Western Front (Brits and Americans)

  • The Spearhead Brigade
  • The Rolling Saints
  • The Lucky Second

Each Division has its own unique history and a number of available vehicles. When playing in a Division, various abilities, both active and passive, are available.

Battle side by side with random allies or in a Platoon of five to stop the onslaught of enemy bots attacking in waves that get stronger with every passing minute. Don’t let them break through your last line of defence, or they’ll start dealing damage to your base.

You will need to defend the base for 10 – 15 minutes, depending on your current level. The intensity and mood of the game’s dynamic soundtrack will vary depending on what’s happening on the battlefield, and the number of enemy waves and your base’s durability points will be displayed at the top of the screen. When your base runs out of durability points, your Homefront will be captured and the battle will be lost.


Each division will have its own set of abilities that will help to quickly deal with enemies. For example:

  • Airstrike
  • Low-level Air Attack
  • Artillery Strike
  • Etc.

Use them to resist enemy attacks effectively!

Progression System & Rewards

Choose your division and click “Battle” to start a game. Once you have entered the battle, you can pick a tank of your choice. More than 10 vehicles are available for each Front.

The level of your Division will increase from one to three as you deal damage to enemy vehicles. As you boost your Division level, your Front will also grow. You get progression points for defeating waves of enemies: the more attacks (waves) you repel, the more points you earn.

The set of available tanks and their abilities at the first to the third Division level varies. The higher your Division level, the more powerful tanks you can choose and the number of their abilities increase.

When you’ve earned enough points and your Division reaches level two, you will be awarded with Directives and a unique style for Soviet, British, or American vehicles, depending on your chosen Division. Achieving the third and highest level of your Division rewards you with Complex Equipment.

But when your Division reaches its maximum level, the expansion of the Front doesn’t end. You need to continue boosting it until the end to get the most valuable rewards of the event – an Innovative Loading System (for players on the Western Front) or a Stabilizing Equipment System (for players on the Eastern Front). You can earn them both by playing for each of the Fronts.

Want to speed up your progress and get them faster? No problem! You have the opportunity to purchase special bundles with your highest-level Division. Every bundle contains additional bonuses, including WoT Premium Account time, and EXP and Credit Personal Reserves. Thanks to these extras, you can boost your Front and obtain the valuable Improved Equipment more quickly.

If your tank is destroyed, you can choose another one and roll out to battle again. Play until your Division’s available vehicles run out!

Earning Fuel

Battles on the Homefront will consume a special resource known as Fuel. Every day, your vault will be filled with 2 cans of Fuel.

  • Each time you upgrade the level of one of your Divisions, you will receive a one-time reward of an extra 2 cans of Fuel.
  • In addition, you can earn more cans by completing daily battle missions available in the mode.

Watch Out for the Command Vehicles!

Some waves of enemies will be fairly easy to repel. But during other waves, you may face overpowered tanks called Command Vehicles, and you’ll have to push yourself to the limit to destroy them. These vehicles will be marked with a skull, so keep your eyes peeled! If any of these tanks crosses the line of your base, the base’s durability will instantly drop to zero, and the battle will be lost.

Resupply Points

In the heat of battle, don’t forget that you have a limited number of shells. You can replenish ammunition at special resupply points on the map. By picking up shells, you top up your entire team’s ammunition.

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  1. What are the Soviet Tier III vehicles on the Eastern Front? I started with the SU-76M but it is very easy to kill.

  2. Damn , I though this shit and unfair game is dead. But I guess people like to be masochists

  3. Homefront, go home!

    Playing tanks in historical configuration felt like a good and right thing to do.

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