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World of Tanks: Holiday Ops 2020 are coming!

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From 13th December to 14th January, players will be able to spruce up a new in-game garage, which is better suited for the upcoming holidays, and earn great rewards. It’s something that would even put a smile on Ebenezer Scrooge’s face!

This new garage features an interactive Christmas tree, a feast, an installation and a yard, all ready to be adorned to your liking. There are more than 300 different decorations to be found and 4 collections to be completed (Christmas, New Year, Magic New Year and Lunar New Year). So, get ready to deck the garage with bundles of decorations, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

Normally at Christmas, only the best behaved get rewards, but not with Holiday Ops; players will receive decorations for causing destruction, creating their own New Year’s firework display and completing special missions in Random Battles. By putting up these ornaments, tankers will increase their Festive Atmosphere and each new level will bring special rewards!

Once players reach level 5 of Festive Atmosphere, they will be introduced to a brand-new Holiday Ops 2020 mechanic: the ability to create their own dream team of vehicles that will earn additional bonuses in battle. The machines chosen will become Holiday Ops vehicles and depending on their class, they will earn extra Battle XP, Free XP or Crew XP. Tankers will initially start with one Holiday Ops vehicle slot at level 5, but with each level increase, a new slot will be unlocked. The Festive Atmosphere level that unlocks a new slot corresponds to the vehicle tier which can be placed there; level 5 is for Tier V vehicles, level 6 for Tier VI, and so on.

There are a lot of festivities going on, but players won’t be doing this alone: they’ll be guided through Holiday Ops 2020 by the Snow Maidens. Every day they will gift players a present that features one random decoration and personal missions for 5x XP. The Snow Maidens will also be rewarded for hitting certain levels of Festive Atmosphere so tankers will be able to keep them as crew members for good!

And there’s even more! The holidays are a time of giving and Holiday Ops is no different. Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, from 13th December each tanker will get a special present that contains the Tier II French Premium light tank, the AMR 35, 3 decoration boxes and one Charge (a special item that can be used during Holiday Ops). Thanks, Santa!

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Holiday Ops 2020 are coming!

  1. What’s a charge?

    These “winter maidens”… Ooof, they are basically wearing sexy Christmas cosplay, maybe it’s okay in Russia but this **** doesn’t fly over here.

    As much as I like the holiday ops and getting good crew members they should really stop making them all women. I understand they were a new feature when they came out but now “You get girls as rewards” makes me cringe more and more every year. At least we got Santa last year, and the great race boys this year.

  2. The most ignorant people are those who are offended by anything.

    Women are indeed an achievement, without them we are nothing.

    And please, stop being boring.

  3. I’m Canadian, being boring is like my job old friend.

    Maybe more girls would play the game if you could get a winter prince or something. Or even actual historical tank girls like Aleksandra Samusenko (order of the red star) or Marya Oktyabrskaya (Hero of the soviet union).

  4. No, girls wouldn’t play more because of that. Tanks aren’t a think girls usually like, there is a minority of girls out there that do, but majority, not really. And about having female crews being special, whats the problem with it? I don’t see any with it, it actually makes them very valuable and gave them a special place in the game. People getting offended by that is a bit overkill.

  5. There is no #metoo in Russia. Sexism is alive and well, as we can clearly see.
    It’s all about that T.A.P. value

  6. This was a press release before the official article in WOT portal. No s*** about, I’m preparing the rest of the articles with all the info. 🙂

  7. I have Festive X Now
    I unlocked all 4 Maidens

    How do I get them as crewmembers ?

    Thank you

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