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World of Tanks: Halloween Styles Released

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It seems the information gathered by WOT Express was wrong, and Wargaming has decided to release all 3D styles and 2D styles reserved for Halloween, in a new event where you can get them for free!

Wargaming was planning on selling or rewarding players with custom 3D styles and a 2D style during the, now cancelled, Halloween event. None of these styles were ever released to the game, and there are currently no plans at all for them.

A unique 2D style called “Dark Knight” was created for the KV-4, Gold price of 1,750 and it was supposed to be a reward for special combat missions.

Other styles were all 3D, for different vehicles. No information if they were rewards or if to be sold in the Premium Shop. The following vehicles were planned to have these new styles:

  • AMX 13 90 – Gold Price: 3,500
  • E 50 – Gold Price: 3,750
  • E 50 Ausf. M – Gold Price: 4,000
  • Panther II – Gold Price: 3,500
  • Centurion Mk. 7/1 – Gold Price: 3,500
  • M103 – Gold Price: 3,500
  • T49 – Gold Price: 3,500
  • T-54 – Gold Price: 3,500

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Halloween Styles Released

  1. “None of these styles were ever released to the game, and there are currently no plans at all for them.”

    Weren’t they added into the game client today with the newest micropatch?

    1. When the article was first released, no news was on the official website. Seems some of these styles can be earned for free and others will be coming for a price.

  2. Cool, we don’t get the special event but we still get the rewards, seems like the Panther II, E50, E50M are the ones they will sell, the others are mission rewards.

    I love the special 3D styles, I wish Wargaming would monetize by selling those instead of a new premium every two weeks. The true endgame content is fashion tanks, bonds for fashion is where it’s at! Immagine you could get chromed rims for your EBR, Gold muzzle break, stainless exhaust tips!

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