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World of Tanks Halloween: Mirny-13 Medals & Details

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Halloween 2020 event is almost here and with it, you will be able to earn some Badges and Medals. Three new Badges will be available to you if you complete certain conditions.

“We walked through the valley of the shadow of death” and “Let us not fear evil”, will be awarded for completing a certain task within the framework of the “Peace-13” event.

With the new Badges, you will also be able to get some extra medals in your record. “Legend of Mirny-13”, “Mirny-13 Scout”, “Veteran Mirny-13” and “Hero of Mirny-13”. These medals will be awarded by completing different tasks as for example, completing all stages of the operation at Mirny-13 at One-Star, Two-Star or Three-Star difficulty.

Source: WOT Clue

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Halloween: Mirny-13 Medals & Details

  1. Do we know how to unlock the “13” badge and the last medal ? I’ve almost everything else and still no sign of those…

  2. Hi John,
    you can unlock the last medal by buying all 3d skins (for 25 coins each).
    I can’t tell you how the badge 13 will be released … the only possibility might be to complete the “certificates”. but since you can only get 2 or 3 a day, it is unfortunately not possible to say whether it can do it.

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