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World of Tanks Halloween 2020: Mirny-13 Event Details

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Getting ready is of the essence, you will be sent to Mirny-13 with four other players to fight against the dark forces while in control of one of five unique vehicles. Your objective: collect Mirium. The valuable substance will grant you great rewards for your effort.

The squad of five players will have to fight against PvE bots and collect as much as Mirium as possible, this substance is the same as the Halloween event in 2018 but instead of green, is now blue in colour. Players will be able to collect Mirium from destroyed enemy vehicles and return it to fill Volot. According to leaked information, the event will have four stages, each more difficult than the previous one, so be prepared for a real challenge.

Increase your risk, increase your rewards!

A platoon can have up to five players, but it doesn’t have to. Once you decide if you are going to play alone or with your friends, it’s time to pick your difficulty from the available ones. Only the commander can change the difficulty, and there will be three of them to pick from:

  • Minimum Risk – One Star: The fight will only have three stages with the following rewards: Credits, Free Experience, Combat Experience, Commander Experience for the event.
  • Increased Risk – Two Stars: The number of stages will increase to four and with the following rewards: More Credits, Free Experience, Combat Experience, Commander Experience for the event.
  • Big  Risk – Three Stars: The number of stages will stay in four, but the rewards will be at the maximum level: Maximum Credits, Free Experience, Combat Experience, Commander Experience for the event.

You won’t be able to play Two and Three Stars before you unlock them.

The Evil Horde!

You will have to fight six types of enemies and one main boss that is invincible.

  • Hedgehog
  • Rabbit
  • Guard
  • Hunter
  • Alpha
  • Mosquito
  • Immortal

The classes of vehicles aren’t always the same, each class can have different vehicles of different tiers. Here’s a full list of what you can encounter:

  • Tier I
    • Hedgehog –  Fireball from Steel Hunter event
  • Tier IV
    • Rabbit – Pz.Kpfw. II Luch
    • Rabbit –  Pz.Kpfw. II Luch with high penetration
  • Tier VI
    • Guard – P.43 bis
    • Guard – 40TP Habicha
    • Guard – Churchill VII
    • Guard – Sherman M4A3E2 Jumbo
    • Mosquito – KV-2
  • Tier VII
    • Guard –  P.43 ter
    • Guard – 45TP
    • Guard – Leo
    • Guard – Churchill BP
  • Tier VIII
    • Guard – P.44 Pantera
    • Guard – 53TP Markowskiego
    • Guard – UDES 14 Alt 5
    • Guard – Caernarvon
    • Guard – Pershing
    • Hunter – Panther II
    • Alpha – Skorpion G
    • Alpha – T28 Prot.
  • Tier IX
    • Alpha – E 50
    • Alpha – FV4004 Conway
    • Alpha – T30
    • Guard – M46 Patton
    • Guard – 53TP Markowskiego
  • Tier X
    • Alpha – FV4005 Stage II
    • Alpha – E 50 M
    • Immortal – Special E 100

Special Equipment and Anomalies

Each tank will be able to equip three special types of equipment to make it easier to fight enemy vehicles. There will six to choose from. Players will also receive Anomalies during the battle, these can only be acquired by destroying enemy vehicles.

  • Battleship: +10% to armour thickness
  •  Hammer: +5% chance to deal 20% increased damage
  • Mobility: +10% to dynamic performance characteristics
  • Vampire Bite: Restores hitpoints upon penetration
  • Hot Needle: +5% chance of setting an enemy on fire
  • Ceramic Core: +15% Damage
  • Machine Gun: +15% Reload Speed
  • Sniper: -15% to aiming spread during driving and turning
  • Inspiration: +15% Crew Efficiency
  • Regeneration: +10 hitpoints every 2.5 seconds