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World of Tanks Halloween 2020: Meet Your Tank Crews for Mirny-13

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With Halloween 2020, players will be able to play with five different tanks and to man them, you will get five new crew members.

From the USSR, Pyotr Lopakhin with his T-54, from France, Josselin Beaumont brings his AMX 13-90, from Great Britain, Norman Stansfield will command the Centurion Mk 7/1 and from the USA, Robert Barnes and Elias Grodin will bring their T49 and M103 tanks.

These crew members are unique and can be earned during the Mirny-13 event and when you decide to recruit them, you will be able to pick:

  • Nation
  • Vehicle
  • Speciality Role

Each crew member will have enough experience to learn three skills or abilities at your choice. To get them, players will have to buy them using special event coins, as part of a 3D Style bundle, or with Gold if you want them straight away.

1 thought on “World of Tanks Halloween 2020: Meet Your Tank Crews for Mirny-13

  1. I wonder tho, I saw earlier today on the wot express aswell, that those crews come with enough xp for 3 skills of your choice, the real question tho, will they also have like a 0 skill bia or sixth sense? That would be really nice, but even so still a nice reward.

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