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World of Tanks: Girls und Panzer Pz.IV H Ankou Tier V Premium

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Girls und Panzer Anglerfish Team Panzer IV H is about to hit World of Tanks. No details were shared, but a Premium Tier V Panzer IV Ausf. H with a skin of the Anglerfish Team was introduced to Update 1.12.1 game files.

The vehicle will be a Premium Tier V Panzer IV, no difference from the regular one available to everyone in its top configuration. The only difference is the in-game model and its destroyed model, which are exactly as in the anime series Girls und Panzer. The vehicle will be called Pz.IV H Ankou in-game.

The vehicle will come with its own unique crew:

  • Miho Nishizumi, Commander
  • Saori Takebe, Radio Operator
  • Hana Isuzu, Gunner
  • Yukari Akiyama, Loader
  • Mako Reizei, Driver

The crew is locked to the German nation and each crew member can not change their role. They will also have their own voiceover, so if you are a fan of Girls und Panzer, you will get the complete package.

No details when and how the vehicle will become available, and if it will be available to all regions or just specific ones. More details soon.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Girls und Panzer Pz.IV H Ankou Tier V Premium

  1. **** Yeah!

    I’m just wondering if it’s a sale exclusive, or earnable in-game.

  2. I am afraid this will be in a mini marathon like the m10rbfm, because on the game site they say, we will be able to earn a new premium vehicle…Please wg dont do this. This tank is worthless.

  3. I have the vehicle in World of Tanks Blitz, the crew is Japanese there

  4. This crew will be Instructor in the Crew 2.0 for sure. I think, I will buy it only for the Instructor and the cheap Tier V tank.

  5. In camo and Power/weight, this Tank is Vetter the the v/iv.
    Everywhere Else the smm Tank is better than this thing.
    So why should you get it?
    Free garage slot?

  6. I left Blitz a year ago to avoid this nonsense now it come here full force, GI Joe etc. At least I can switch off daft camo.

  7. I personally don’t mind mini marathons with a series of easy to complete tasks. I managed to complete it for my EU, NA and RU accounts without too much issue. If anything, it incentivizes me to play more than grindy tier 8 marathons ever will.

  8. Haarkonen, hope you know Wargaming decided to retire the Ankou from the EU and RU servers. They communicated it 2 hours ago both on the forums and on a stream, due to the m***ive complains from the playerbase. So please, update the info as fast as you can.

  9. I’ve been making GuP mods for free since 2018 and I’ve turned whole games into Sensha-Do simulators. That some freemium trash game can make one lazy reskin and then sell it for who knows how much money makes me feel like my mods are worth all the gold in fort knox

    **** the modern gaming industry

  10. Seems that it was made as a troll post by someone from the forums.

  11. Can I use the crew of this tank n the techtree PzIVH or Leo PTA?

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