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World of Tanks: Gamescom style revealed!

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It’s with no surprise that Wargaming is going to release a new style during Gamescom 2018. A simple yet unique style, if you like blue and radical looking.


The style has a cost of 1,750 Gold in game, so expect to cost close to the usual €7.00, it includes the camouflage for all three seasons, emblems and insignias. A big thanks to Milkyman for getting these 4K pictures for us.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Gamescom style revealed!

  1. There’s always a reason why they do this they just haven’t told us the exact reason yet bit like everything else that’s Wargaming

  2. This is already available on NA server.

    Just applied it to my M41 90mm

  3. can this be re-applied to any tank if you bought it?… ie. Allan Rowland’s M41 90mm… remove it and apply it to another tank?…

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