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World of Tanks Gamescom 2016 Leaks

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Hello everyone,

I was watching Quickybaby Gamescom 2016 Stream and he stopped his special stream so we could see the WG Stage Show. Here is what has been showed:

Swedish Tech Tree

  • Tier X Tank Destroyer Strv 103B

100 Years of Tanks Mode

  • Play with Armoured Car
  • World War I Map just for Event

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Gamescom 2016 Leaks

  1. Some perks of working where I work 🙂 Some days I can do this, others I cant! Tomorrow I won’t be in, so no leaks from me tomorrow xD

  2. Not pleased with a mid-tier medium premium for a TD line and a line that ends with heavies 🙁

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