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World of Tanks: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Styles & Commanders

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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero is an animated television series based on the toyline from Hasbro, the cartoon ran in syndication from 1983 to 1986 with a total of 95 episodes produced.

These iconic 80’s action heroes might arrive very soon to World of Tanks! Two new Commanders, 3D Styles, and a bundle of Inscription, Decals and Emblems were introduced to the game with the last micropatch.

No details are known as to when these will be available, but the 3D styles recreate the 80’s retro cartoon style in a very cool way and each commander will have their own voiceovers!

Inscription, Emblems & Decals

Duke & Cobra Commanders

Two new commanders will be introduced to the game, Duke and Cobra and both have their own voiceover.

TS-5 “G.I. Joe”

G.I. Joe Breakthrough Tank (B.T.T.)
We thought the operation was going well and that everything was proceeding according to plan, but then those… tanks… appeared from out of nowhere. We were completely blind-sided. Maybe it was our arrogance. Maybe it was our overconfidence. Still, in any case, on that day, we lost the battlefield. But we haven’t lost the war. Now that we know what we’re up against, our engineers put in double the overtime cranking out a tank that can go toe-to-toe with that steel menace. I’m pretty sure if I take a peek at the cafeteria, I’ll see that the engineers drank all the coffee. It was worth it though. This tank is a beauty. I’ll happily ride into battle every day of the week so long as it’s in this tank. The engine purrs like a kitten, its firepower will surely help G.I. Joe save the day!Well, go winter fishing in Norilsk often enough, and you won’t either.

T-54 first prototype “Cobra”

Cobra Battle Operation Assault Tank (B.O.A.)
Time and again, those meddling Joes have proven to be the thorn in my side. A major nuisance. They’re simply a bad penny that just won’t go away. But no more… never again! With this beautiful creature, I shall be invincible. Isn’t it brilliant?! No, not only that. It’s beyond magnificent! I like it… I like it very much. The gun, the armor, the mobility. The sting is as strong as its bite. This new weapons platform will wipe the insufferable grins off the faces of the G.I. Joe team. They think they can ruin all my carefully designed plans? Well, they’ve got another thing coming! Once I’ve created an army of these tanks, no one can stop me. Not even G.I. Joe! I will make sure they kneel and beg for my mercy!

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  1. These should go back to console where they crawled out from

  2. Just let the people that like them enjoy it. You can always deactivate seeing non historical elements in your settings!

  3. Hiding historical elements is no use anymore, because we are obliged to see aberrations such as TYPE 59 GOL, WZ QUILIN and etc etc, World of tanks a game of glitter.

  4. This game said bye bye to “historical” a long time ago with made up tanks, ebr physics crazy cammo and paint jobs, twitch commanders based off TV show etc… At least Gi-Joe is military themed.

  5. This “direction” made me think:
    WHERE IS THE “MY LITTLE PONY” GLITTERY TANK CAMO that shoots rainbows and has little hearts float instead of fire when you die?!

    at this point anything goes really

  6. Did u forget true war heroes (not imaginares actors) warriors like Horoshilov, Kurt Knispel ,Lafayette G. Pool etc..
    O i know americans love only holywood stars, tards.

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