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World of Tanks: FV215b HD Model & Armour Changes

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It looks like we are getting the FV215b in HD in time for the upcoming patch 9.20.1, as it was introduced in 9.20.1 Second Common Test. With its conversion into HD, there will be minor armour changes too, just check out the pictures.

Source: WOT-News

FV215b HD Pictures

FV215b Armour Changes

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: FV215b HD Model & Armour Changes

  1. Nice that the LFP got a buff, but it would have been nice if the side armor and the wings turret platform to be buffed to match the Conqueror.

    Also nice that the Cupola got harder to hit, though it would have been interesting if they had just given it the S.Conq turret without the spaced armor

  2. Kinda surprised they didn’t give this -10 of gun depression over the side and rear of the tank since that seems to be a thing for the British top tier HT

  3. Yeah, I mean I still am happy i have the fv215b, but right now it seems the super conq is gonna be miles better.
    Slightly, like almost no difference, worse gun performance, but way better armour and gun depression. Like i tested on the CT and I could just sit hulldown with my 10 degrees and not get penned by anything even, premium from strv103s failed to pen, HEAT from Jageroo, its ridiculous, but on a flat map that wont work as well. Still either the super Conq needs nerfs or this needs buffs. (I think this needs buffs and super conq minor nerfs, cause it seems a bit too good right now)

  4. Seems like a lot of effort for a tank that is being replaced.

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