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World of Tanks – FV215b 183 Possible Replacement

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While we are on the subject of changes, Wargaming is also planning on replacing the existing British Tier X tank destroyer FV215b (183). Why you might ask? To create a logical extension of the current branch.

FV215b (183) Replacement
FV215b (183) Replacement
FV215b (183) Replacement

Wargaming historians found this tank in the archives, but no details on designation and how “obscure” it is where shared. What is this tank? A Super Tortoise? From what we can see in the pictures it’s clearly an FV200 hull with, what it looks like, a fixed 120mm gun, but the gun could actually be of a bigger calibre. Logically it will be a better fit to the current branch, but we will have to wait to get more details.

I would suggest anyone who currently doesn’t have the FV215b (183) to start the grind and get it as soon as possible. If I’m not mistaken and Wargaming makes the final decision to replace it, the owners of the FV215b (183) will keep it as a special Tier X and receive this new tank for free.

As per usual, more details will be shared once known, but what do you think about this tank?

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – FV215b 183 Possible Replacement

  1. So toss off the 183 for a 120mm gun on tier X? If my Tortoise gets 4K DPM. I suspect this will be even more insane. And will eat up an E100 even faster. I’m not gonna complain if they do this.

  2. Oh wow. The line will make a lot more sense but I think replacing the fv215 183 and making it special….is a mistake. The tank is so rare and unique that others might still want to get it.

    In this case leaving it as an alternate like the 113 and Wz5A situation is much better.

    The foch 155 is the same as the foch b in most respects but a slightly different gun.
    The fv215b heavy is kind of meh anyway now and not really something people generally fight to keep.
    The death star…well it’s a death star. Denying people that is a mistake in my opinion.

    What I would really like is if WG put a set of missions for all these ‘special’ replacement tier 10 tanks that you have to do in the new tier 10. I feel it is kind of unfair for people to miss out on unique tanks just because they didn’t grind up the weaker lines in the game.
    For example when you buy a Rich B you have to do a set of 10 missions in that tank. Once all 10 are completed you receive a Foch 155.
    This will also give motivation to players who have missed the chance to grind up the line (and spend free so gold and money on WG? Just saying…good motivation for WG to make this change).

  3. I feel it is kind of unfair for people to miss out on unique tanks just because they didn’t grind up the weaker lines in the game.
    It’s literally a prize for those that made the extra effort to grind the terrible lines.

  4. At last a tank destroyer that looks like a good replacement to the Death Star.I loved the Tortoise and prefer playing it to the Death Star as I hate the reload time of the Death Star as I get outflanked by meds and lights due to its long reload time.Would love to see the stats of this tank and I love the low profile.As you mentioned in your previous article itl make a great ambush td

  5. Great job to Wargaming. Once again, they are trying to ease the level of adjustability when transitioning to a new tank. Just like the British Heavy Tanks, The Tank Destroyer line is also a wired transition from tier 9 to tier 10. You go from a slow tank with great DPM to a tank with a turret that is rear mounted and has only 2400 ish DPM. However, I think it will be tough to convince the players because this is a legendary tank that has maintained a reputation in World of Tanks for years now. I don’t think people will be satisfied losing their Deathstar. In my personal opinion, I wish the tank could stay, but I also understand Wargaming in the fact that most players can find it hard to transition from the Tortoise to the FV 215 183.

  6. I also agree with Havoc in the sense that there should be a way to get these tanks through missions like you can to with the Stug IV, T55, and Object 260. Particularly for the FV 215 183 because like I said, this tank has a significantly larger reputation than most of the other tanks that Wargaming replaced or are deciding to replace.

  7. Whatever it is, I’m glad they’ve actually implemented this. When I go up a tree up to tier X is because I want said tier X. So this is very gracious of them. They balance their game without ****ing over their players. WP

    They almost dun goofed with the BC. Maus nerf, not a good sign. The Type 5 nerf when it comes is gonna leave many tears behind. Which is exactly why those two lines are on hold right now and have been for quite a while.

  8. In my opinion, they should do what they did with the WZ-111-5A and make it an alternative to the 4005 Stage II. That way, the 183 can remain in the game and the new vehicle can be implemented. As, uh, ‘interesting’ as it looks, this proposal does look like a proper end-tier vehicle to the non-turreted British tank destroyers and makes more sense. I’m actually with WG on this one.

  9. I like this new approach to this TD-Line. It’s better that driving AT’s all the time and suddenly getting a turreted TD wich actually has a way different way to be played than the other tanks before.

  10. Then they would have to give the whole FV4005 Stage II line away for free for players who haven’t yet researched the FV4005 line. I do like the idea of adding it to that line, but economically it is flawed, and WG probably wont add that option..

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