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World of Tanks: Frontline Might Return in 2021!

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Update – 29/04/2021

After this article has been published, I was contacted by Wargaming NA and advised there has been some miscommunication. Tragicloss, send a message that an announcement has made on Reddit in regards to Frontline:

Hey all! I apologize for the confusion. I misheard CabMech on stream. CabMech stated that “FL isn’t alternating between Steel Hunter because it is being worked on and should return later this year” My sincerest apologies for the concern.

Frontline will make a return in the second half of 2021 as planned initially! Rejoice, you will be able to grind your huge amount of credits while playing with all your Tier VIII Premium tanks.

As a side note, would like to thank Wargaming NA for reaching me with updated information and apologise to our readers about the misinformation shared previously.

The following information is outdated!

Many players keep asking and wondering when is Frontline going to make a return? During the Stream of the Year, in December 2020, Wargaming announced the mode would make a return at the end of 2021, but some new information has been shared that might disrupt those plans!

Frontline needed to be reworked, a few things needed rebalance and the mode in general needed to improve a bit more. The biggest change would be to adapt it to fit Battle Pass, as Steel Hunter and Frontline are modes now modes to help the players grind that huge Battle Pass.

At the moment, Steel Hunter has just finished its second Stage, and the third one is coming in mid-May, meaning that June would be the last Stage for Steel Hunter and next we would get Frontline! Unfortunately, we might not get Frontline at all in 2021!

According to Wargaming NA, Frontline won’t make a return this year as the mode is being reworked. This information goes against previous information shared by Wargaming advising the mode would return later in 2021, but as Wargaming is Wargaming, plans change all the time and loads of things are always delayed.

Frontline is the most liked mode in World of Tanks, players keep asking for it to return as it’s a nice mode to escape Random Battles and at the same time, make a ton of credits.

We will have to wait and see if the mode is returning or not, but if the information is accurate and Frontline doesn’t make a return, I can see a lot of players getting grumpy with that decision. Let us know in the comment section, would you like to see it returned this year even if that meant fewer improvements? Or should Wargaming postpone it for 2022?

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Frontline Might Return in 2021!

  1. sure lets pospone Frontline and keep **** Steel Hunter 😡😡😡😡 Steel Hunter is the best **** mode launch by Wargaming, i hate it! and the best mode Frontline, its pospone.. made in Wargaming! 😡😡😡😡

  2. frontline is nice lol get it back it’s much bether then stellhuner lol

  3. Wasn’t it announced by WG a couple of months ago that Frontline would be reworked and appear in the 2nd half of 2021?

  4. WHAT!?!?!? They bring back Steel Hunter but won’t bring back Frontline? I know that Steel hunter was less popular than Frontline! Typical, wargaming holds back what is liked and popular, but lets the Crap mode stay….This has got to be the one of the many things that Wargaming has messed with, in order to fix what wasn’t broken. If too many people like something, they immediately decide to make it less likeable because things in Wargaming can’t ever be fun, if it’s too fun, it must be broken and therefore must be fixed, I swear it’s a Trait p***ed down by the evil Communist regime that ruled the nation for nearly a century. Regarding everything with suspicion and with a desire to take fun away rather than letting something stay fun and NOT mess with it. I think it’s impossible for Wargaming to do such a thing.

  5. If frontline doesn’t return I probably wont continue with WOT ….. Why take away the best thing on the game ? Its the reason I play this game . I always did great on that mode . Takes a minute to get your game together , But they say it needs to be reworked ? lol Hmm the should just work on new maps ,,,, It was fine

  6. Hmm if they drop frontline I will drop wot . This mode takes a minute to really get it .i love the chaos .and really it’s the reason I play wot … I think there are too many whiners. First time I played it I only had a t44 and one rental tank . It was rough . And didn’t do so well . But after getting a few more tanks . I am hooked … would hate to have to say goodbye . But there are plenty of games out there ….

  7. It didnt need any changes . Im scared to know what they will do to it . But whatever so sick of being the few that bother to tell wargaming what we think . The forums are a joke you go on there and all the WG lowers top clans and CCs and streamers jump all over you till you opinion means nothing . Wargaming took the most popular mode and said we are making HUGE changes to it and the player base just does and says nothing for the most part well this is why they get away with doing this crap. What frontline get on the forums and send in tickets telling them to leave it be and return it to the player base .

  8. The steel hunter mode has proven time and time again that it is only for cretens. Everyone loves the frontline mode, why not put it on permanently? If they are taken out permanently, I think they can pull the blinds off.

  9. Frontline is usually my laid back time of year so I can make credits, but if it isn’t returning not only I but a few of my buddies are leaving the game for quite a while. Steel Hunter is a terrible game mode to be stuck with, it was a really fun game mode when it first came out because it was actually fun, now everything is thrown off. Please return FL this year.

  10. i say: play Fronline the way it was, and next year the improved thingy, no reason is there to leave it out, only reasons enough for players to stop if you postpone.

  11. right you did steel hunter AGAIN it has nothing to do with tanks and you have removed frontline ??? where is this game going ??? and now you say it MIGHT after been reworked. again WG at its best destroying something that did not need touching, of all the game modes i have played over 9 years in wot frontline is the most perfect, get you’re heads in gear the players who made the company prosper from day 1 have been left in the gutter

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