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World of Tanks Frontline: In-Game Event Game Mode

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Planned to be released as part of the forthcoming update, the “Frontline: Road to Glory” event will offer revised game mechanics, which start testing today as part of 1.0.1’s Common Test 2. That said, let’s examine it in more detail.

Scheduling and Vehicles

“Road to Glory” kicks off shortly after the release of 1.01 and will be available during the following weeks. Just like with the version being tested at our Common Tests, the release version will be limited to Tier VIII machines only.

Core Mechanics

Your journey through the event will include 30 levels to reach, and passing every level will grant you valuable loot. Now let’s see how it works. At the end of every battle, you’re given a title identical to real-life military ranks. Starting from a Private and ending up with a General, the title you get depends on your performance and input.

With each title comes a respective amount of Fame Points spent on unlocking new levels, which happens automatically. Passing each level, in its turn, will give you Supply Points that you can spend on unlocking and upgrading battle consumables, and an extra reward (those will get better and better with your progress).

Second Tour of Duty

If you’d like to relive the experience, you can apply a special “Prestige” option that will totally reset your progression, allowing to blaze the warpath once again and earn the same rewards once again.

More to it, going for this option will grant you a special reward that will, among others, add Bonds to your wallet. And it’s not just the chance to head back into battle—this reward will improve each time you retake the challenge.

By the way, “Prestige” can be used three times throughout the four-week event, meaning you can earn x3 as many rewards.

Additions to Your Tank Fleet

Unlike the testing stage, where you only have standard tanks at your disposal, Frontline’s release version gives you two rental Tier VIII tanks exclusively for the event.

“Frontline: Road to Glory” has the opportunity to become a challenging and exciting event, and to reach that, some balance and gameplay tweaks may be needed. The current list and value of the rewards you’ll be earning, as well as the currently implemented mechanics, are not finalised and will be fine-tuned as we gather more player feedback and stats.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Frontline: In-Game Event Game Mode

  1. So is it sad that this mod will most likely be the only way to get good match making with tier 8 now?????? Hmmmmm

  2. tried it in testserver lately, the gameplay was fun, just a shame that my fps decrease was so huge that it was unplayable. it dropped from 60 to 23. if they can fix that

  3. Just another opportunity for unitrash to rig their way to “earn” rewards. Sync drops late at night taking turns being farmed or by throwing matches to their buddies. #T-22rigging2.0

  4. Ummmm…. no it won’t. You will still have MM stacking one team with great players and the other team gets stuck with new and fail players. The 3-5-7 MM isn’t the problem, it is the lack of balance of players based on skill.

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