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World of Tanks – Frontline Developers Q&A

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Hello everyone,

As you are aware, Wargaming was testing a new game mode called Frontline on the Sandbox Server. The test has ended on April 21, but Developers are currently answering players quite a lot of questions, so I’ve compiled all of them here so you can also get the latest information regarding the topic.

All answers were given by Kirill, Game Designer for Frontline Mode. Please note his English is not the best, so there might be a few things that aren’t perfect.

Q: At the moment there is no incentive to players so they actually play for the team. I like the new mode, it’s a big change from a Random Battle, but player mentality is still the same, if they are defending, just camp behind a bush and farm damage if they are attacking, just suicide rush the cap circle and die… How are you going to address these things?

A: About the mentality, thanks for your feedback, right we try to find the gameplay which allows players to rest from random battle, fill different experience, and before we will not be sure that we did it, we will not release this game mode.

Q: There is no coordination where players spawn, no warning one area is weaker than other, so players are free to just press one area and forget about others. Any plans to improve this?

A: About coordination, we will try to solve this problem with help of UI, and rank system.

Q: The game takes for ever to end, I enjoy WOT because I can play a Random Battle quickly, on average 7 minutes and I can either move to the next battle or just exit and go on with my normal life. With this mode, I was “stuck” in a game for over 25 minutes, and if I tried to leave, it would count as a warning because I’ve abandoned the battle. Do you believe players will actually enjoy the fact they are stuck for such a long time in a single battle?

A: About battle duration, we want that our players, who want play in frontline game mode, will be prepared for 25 – 30 minutes battle, and from our side, we are finding best options for that

Q: I’ve noticed the repair and resupply zones, don’t actually resupply your ammunition, is this working as intended or a bug?

A: About resupplying, I think you talk about gold ammunitions if I right let me explain some specials rules. Your gold shells and ammunitions replenished on resupply zones, only if you have them on your depot.

Q: When I get destroyed or do a recall, I go back to the “garage” to select a new vehicle, but when I try to use the mouse wheel to scroll the carousel, it doesn’t move at all. Is this a bug or can it be improved?

A: About scroll, sorry this is just a bug(

Q: Are there any plans to make the Pillbox usable? Like for example give artillery support every x minutes in a predefined area?

A: About pillbox, yes we want to implement a lot of thinks which increase players sense of epicness!

Q: If player feedback is positive and you decide to bring this mode to the Live Server, are there any plans for different maps?

A: About different maps, right now it’s too early to talk about that, but I really hope on that

Q: On which tiers are we going to be able to play this game mode? Is this planned as a top tier only game mode, or like Strongholds, it’s going to be present in 3 different forms, tier 6 8 and 10? (Due to the popularity of tiers 6 and 8 I think it would be a good idea)

A: Right now we think about Frontline game mode only how about tier 10 lvl activity, There are few reasons for that:

  • Balance, this is really a lot of work for balancing 3 x 3 lvl map with asynchronous wins condition and if we add aditional tiers tanks…oh it could destroy all previous work. But newer say newer!
  • We want to reward players who spend so many times and energy for research tier 10 tanks, and we think they deserve some unique gameplay for this tanks.

Q: What is the point of ranks within the gamemode? Is it to just show how well you’re performing or does it come with bonuses and such for the player as well? 

A: Right now it only shows your efficiency in your team. But in future, we want to upgrade this functionality.

Q: In the future are we going to test this mode combined with 9.18 update features?(Re-usable prem. consumables, tier 10 lights etc.)

A: Yes, that was some technical problem which didn’t allow us to implement this features in this test, but all core mechanics will be the same for all game modes!

Q: Are the new graphics where WG is working on for the maps in Random battle also come to Frontline? That would be awesome!

A: We are going to use the same technology for random battle and frontline!

Q: Is there a possibility to add more war related stuff (blazing canons, war vehicles, etc.) so we have more the feeling that we are actually in the war zone of D-Day (Epic Normandy)?

A: We think about that, some staff like that could improve players feeling  of epicness.

Q: When the game mode gets implemented will we also have all Tier X tanks to play with or do we need our own tier X tanks or will we get the possibility to hire tanks?

A: Right now we think only about your own tanks.

Q: Frontline is very good. I wonder whether earnings silver and XP will remain or will be rebuilt. If they are so small, it will not be popular among players big enough. Another change I made in choosing the tank before turning the game. Heavy 3x, 5x medium Light 3x 3x and 2x TD SPG.

A: One of the main goals of this play test is collecting data wich will help us with economy balancing.

Q: The Cap was not reset when I as defending heavy was in the circle. Instead because an enemy was there too, we lost the base. I think you have a good reason to do this, however a WoT Player is pretty much set to the idea that a cap can not be capped with defenders inside. Maybe you want to Change this.

A: In one of the first iteration, we had been tried the same capturing mechanic as in random battle, and that was so uncomfortable for attackers, they can’t capture any single base.

Q: I am just wondering how you would like Teams to Play together in this mode. I was alone so I could choose a flank I liked. However, I could not in any way Change the Outcome on another flank. If there is an Option to Change flanks fast, I did not find it. If not, you might consider such Feature. You could Limit it to once in a specific time, and even the tanks used for a flank could stay there (so you cant choose them on another flank, but have to Play them again at the flank you left, where you respawn. I hope I could bring this idea across clearly. Now I imagine a 5 Player Platoon. You might be able to defend a base, but I think attacking will be hard. I think it is good, but it leaves some Feeling of uselessness too, because eeven with 5 guys you cant Change the Outcome of a battle if an enemy overwhelms the other flanks. However This is just a thought and I couldnt find a quick solution to adress that Problem. Maybe Nr.3?

A: We already have few ideas how these problems could be solved.«

Q: How about the additional Goal to destroy all enemy vehicles left if the objects of def/cap are done? Maybe only for Bonus xp and a limited time, like in titanfall when a match Ends?

A: Yes! we also like this idea and think about a possibility of implementation.

Q: Great jog so far. Do you think about put more vehicle into the battle? Maybe 40vs40?

A: Yes, we already try even 50 vs 50, but that was too much, so many targets, and step by step we came to the current realization.

Q: Why it doesn’t count when you do damage to the objectives? Just did around 5400 hp damage on 2 objectives on a B-C and I didn’t receive any credits or damage from that. Why is that?

A: I’m sorry this is bug.

Q: Report system is disabled on purpose or is it bug? In every battle there is at least 5-6 afk bots, so it would be nice to get rid of them…

A: There are few issues which connected with technical problems, but we work directly with each report!

Q: About pillboxes, you know, that they can be easyly destroyed by premium ammo spamm from sides or by arty firing APs?

A: This is bug

Q: Role of scouts is minor, because of area restriction. They cant hunt arties, if they are hidden in no go area. Scouts should be able to enter next area. Example: my team is attacking capture point A, area with cap.point D is red a.k.a. no go. All arties defending A are hidden in D, so scouts should be able to go in D and hunt them down (if those scouts can avoid enemy tanks ofc)

A: We will fix this problem in future

Q: what are you going to do with team killers in sandbox? I just had a game where teammate killed 5 and dealt 11k damage to allies. not acceptable!

A: We are banning them, and deny thw opportunity for participate in next sandbox tests.

Q: how often you accept new players to sandbox?

A: Every day .

Q. will there will be a arty command or air bombers command just like stronghold? as a perk for general player.

A: As I wrote before, we are thinking in this direction, but it’s too early to talk about some concrete decisions.

Q. the bug report from the lower part of setting button in game don’t link to anywhere to report a bug is it turned off or is it bugged?

A: There are some technical issues with bug reports on Sandbox servers, but we try to solve this problem. Also, we react to a direct report on the forum!

Q. since we don’t have this now. can a 10s tanks bring level 1 tank in platoon? cant test it without having it in game right now.

A: No, it will be strongly restricted, only semi level platoons!

Q. will there will be a more spawn points in same flank after death? some spawn point spawns in open in front of firing line of other team for loader or low armor tanks they cant live long. basically death at spawn time.

A: Yes! Spawn mechanic is completely new for us, and right now we try to adjust it as much comfortable for players as it possible.

Q. will we have the red zone for attackers to move up as cap points get captured ? some tanks from flank that is not taken coming from back side and shoot in open zones but we cant cross to them because they in red zone.

A: This is one of the problems which we should solve, and we will!

Q. are we going to test out more maps? and is this map going to be remastered the map  there are points of map that player can get up hill from one side but no others. this is my opinion but i think it should have more than 1 way up that hill specially when they going up that hill from another sector that we have no control on it.

A: Yes, we going to develop new maps for this mode, and this mode right now in balancing state. Sandbox was helped us really good with this part of work.

Q. i know this was addressed in another question, but are we going to queue this as frontline special queue or going to be added into random queue we just turn on off with check box? and if its not so. can we have tier restriction just like doing stronghold to be able to have more people of lower tier to play frontline? not everyone will have more than 3 tanks 10s that can switching them around while in battle.

A: We thinking about that problem, but I can’t say something right now.

Q. after death when out of reinforcement and waiting to replenished, can we have option to go in custom the tank that we need to go out with. sometime that 1 mint wait is short to change ammo type load-out and so.

A: This is a really good idea!

Q: 3 battles so far… 2 attacking and 1 in defending team… attackers always win. Respawing in an alomost captured map while in the defending team is not the best way. Had only 2 sec to get out… died, in a new born tank.

A: I sure, that we will solve this problems with help of Sandbox data!

Q. are we going to have more repair points when we get to the final defenses points? its seem all repairs can be done by attackers but not defenders.

A: Maybe we will try it.

Q. will there will be a way to control how many people will move between west center and east?

A: I think yes in next iteration!

Q. if the last question is No will there will be away to take back point that is already taken? that way one side will not be left unchecked.

A: I’m not sure that this functionality will be suitable for this type of gameplay!

Q. since the battlefield is bigger now are the light going to have advantage in view range? or improve in concealment?in order for light to do better in those kind of battle mobility or concealment need to be improved. else a mid cant out do a light and no point in using lights in this kind of battles.

A: All vehicles characteristics will be the same as in random battle

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Frontline Developers Q&A

  1. We want to reward players who spend so many times and energy for research tier 10 tanks, and we think they deserve some unique gameplay for this tanks.

    Hope they will change their mind on this point or I won’t play this mode at all. I got fed up of Tier 10 a while ago and I don’t want to bleed credits aswell.
    There are several Tiers that need some love as they are only playble in Randoms. 🙁

  2. just Tier 10 is stupid.

    I dont like that too. there should be although Tier 8. And if the cl*** is not well balanced. WoT should work on that.

  3. or Tier 7 to 10. so I have to jave enough game experience and a reason why I shouldnt sell them.

  4. One of the reasons they are implementing this for T10 only is because you could get in with T8 premium, make 10k damage which should be like more than reliable to make in all T8 game that lasts for 20-25 minutes and make insane credits.
    Tanks like newly power-creep Defender, Patriot, Lorraine sure have potential to go way above that line, like 15k damage, that would be roughly 400k profit with premium account and “only” 275k profit with no premium account.

    There would be no reason to play random battles with premium tank as in frontline it is reliable that battle will last long enough and that you will find a place to farm and with that even less reason to purchase a premium account. You could make a like million per hour with no premium account.
    Roughly presented, but I guess I am within 20% margin of error

    I mean I would love that, I have a Lorraine and it would just be awesome to run around and make so much silver, but it’s not gonna happen.

    But I think T9’s do have potential to be there, most of them are pretty good in dealing with T10’s, the same guns, only bit less HP and DPM.
    Would add some diversity there but why would you play always as bottom tier in frontline when you could play the best tier of random battles and laugh on any T7…

    So yeah, I understand why is it T10 only, it’s fine

  5. Agreed. In addition, tier 10 only battles also eliminate the fact that everyone can just buy a tier 8 prem and fight with 0k battles and no clue what is happening. Thats the fact.

  6. Every battle just 1 Tier with a +-0 mm. maybe I would play some of my Tier 7.

    yes, if you do 10 k damage with a prem tank. you would earn more credits. but if you die two times it would be the same to play 3 random battles in that time. if you not die and you compare ot with 3 othet good games it would be thd same too.

    I played pn sandbox Toer 10 is to expensive. you lost to much money before you know the map.

    Tier 7-9 with mm +-0 could be fun and is effortable. just my opinion.

    next problem, maybe there are not enough player with minimum 3 tanks of T 10. so not enough player for that gamemod.

  7. There are more than enough players with Tier X to play the game mode. Also don’t forget the economy system for that mode is not yet even made, Wargaming said it several times. Meaning you can’t even look and comment what we have there ATM because they already said it’s going to change and should be much better than it’s now.

  8. I just remeber the economy by past events you was able to play more then 1 tank and just Tier 10. it was expensive too. we will see. what they say and what they do is not always the same.

    maybe it will be good. maybe I dont care.

  9. repairs on T8 premiums are laughable, few thousand silver, I do not know the maximum number of possible respawns, but lets say you die 10 times, it’s like 80k for all repairs, rest is profit.
    Making 200k with awesome target practice is a win in my book, it would just make too much solver and break the economy which revolves around premium things

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