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Improving Battle Balance for Frontline Episode 5

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World of Tanks Frontline Episode 5 will start on June 17 and will be available until 24 June, and with it, some balance changes will also be introduced.

Rebalancing Combat Reserve Slots

It only took four episodes (four months) for Wargaming to realise light tanks could reach the objectives quite easily and there wasn’t much the defending team could do about it. To even the odds between the different tank classes, it was decided to change the number of combat reserve slots that are available to each class.

Vehicle Class

Episode 4

Episode 5

Light Tank 3 Slots 1 Slot
Medium Tank 1 Slot 2 Slots
Heavy Tank 1 Slot 3 Slots
Tank Destroyer 2 Slots 2 Slots
SPG 3 Slots 1 Slot

Heavy tanks will finally have more support to get to the epicentres of battles on such a big map, and at the same time, light tanks should still be able to fulfil their roles on the battlefield.

Pillbox Surveillance

Pillboxes have now gained the ability to spot attackers and provide intelligence to allies. Their spotting mechanics will work precisely in the same way as for any other vehicles in the game; accordingly, all standard visibility and concealment rates apply to them as well. For example, if you shoot a pillbox, it may be easier for enemies to spot you, and if your Crew members have concealment skills, it will be more difficult for pillboxes to detect you.

IMPORTANT: The maximum spotting range of the pillboxes will be 445 meters. However, pillboxes can transmit radio intelligence to all allies without distance limits.

Finally, if you inflict assisted damage on vehicles spotted by pillboxes, this damage will be calculated without penalty. These adjustments will prevent situations where fast light vehicles get behind enemy lines and deal a significant amount of damage while staying unspotted. Defenders will be able to control the areas around pillboxes better, and attackers will have to try different tactics to succeed.

Reducing Cooldowns & Restoration Time

The technical cooldown on respawn got reduced from 30 seconds to 10 seconds. No more prolonged periods of waiting to get into the battle anymore. In addition, the restoration period for destroyed vehicles changed from 5 minutes to 7 minutes. This change will raise the cost of a mistake in battle, so make sure you play carefully with your favourite tanks.

Episode 4

Episode 5

Restoration Time 5 minutes 7 minutes
Respawn Cooldown 30 seconds 10 seconds

Furthermore, by destroying a specific tank, you will effectively have reduced the choice of available machines for your opponents in their Garages. This means that you should be fighting certain classes of vehicles in Frontline less often.

Last but not least, the sixth episode will take place between 15 July and 22nd of July.

4 thoughts on “Improving Battle Balance for Frontline Episode 5

  1. Hmm, 7 minutes for the next tank to arrive. So if I play against a really good team I will be sitting on the sidelines for a long time and unable to help my team.

    Silly idea WG. You should have reduced the time between tanks becoming available for certain areas of the map so that I can help my team more while defending the guns Or attacking them. This is the exciting part of the game afterall.

    1. 7 minutes not for the next tank.. for the destroyed tank to be available again.

    2. I believe it is 7 minutes before a destroyed tank is repaired and available. Ten seconds for you to wait before you can choose one of your other tanks

  2. I think they just reversed the cooldown times. They are back to 5 min and 30 sec again.

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