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World of Tanks: French Wheeled Vehicles Revealed

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Some said rumours, some claimed fake news but the truth is they are coming and Wargaming just announced them at Gamescom 2018. The first nation will be the French, getting a branch up to Tier X and are planned to be released early next year.

Wheeled vehicles were first tested in 2016 during the 100 years celebrations when the first tanks were ever used during the Great War. A feature a lot of players have been asking for years but Wargaming said it many times before, they were worried how these vehicles would affect gameplay and how to balance them.


Seems they might have sorted those problems and we now can rejoice with the introduction of a brand new branch. For the moment we can only see what I believe to be the Panhard EBR-12, a 90mm version of the World famous EBR, possible Tier X, but more details will be released soon.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: French Wheeled Vehicles Revealed

  1. What was the point of light tanks again in this game? Mobility?………

    They should have started with the UK line though since they have no light tank equivalent line.

  2. I wonder if they will be their own cl*** or apart of other cl***es

  3. Notice 5:17-5:21. Very interesting focus on something completely irrelevant, for sure.

  4. Wargaming is clearly running out of ideas for new content and what else could they really do. What roles are these things going to do, light tanks, tank destroyers, maybe a fast arty, maybe heavy tanks. I think they should add a hydrofoil vehicle cl*** too that would be fun!

  5. if they’re also just scouts, WG should have started with British Humbers and Marmon Herringtons, so the Brits would finally have a scout branch too.

  6. Wargaming said it would never happen. But with Wargamings track record you never ever know. Just give us the Sdkfz Puma and I will be happy.

  7. Vehicles which are even faster than our current lights will for sure affect gameplay – and this to the worse. Giving them worse gun stats if completely irrelevant in this context. The SPEED is the problem here. We will end up with a broken game aspect like we did with artillery and cannot get rid of it after it once is officially introduced.

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