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World of Tanks – French Superheavy Branch – Fake – Updated

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Hello everyone,

Wargaming might have accidentally leaked a new French “Super” Heavy branch. No information about if its coming and when its coming, but leggasiini found the following images in the World of Tanks official portal.

Source: WOT Labs Forum

This image with the French Tech Tree has been changed about 30 minutes after it was published, meaning Wargaming didn’t want it to be there just it, but it was already to late as some players already had noticed it.

Leggasiini talked with a friend who knows how to datamine information and he has found five files with data for modules from one of these tanks:

  • F83_SEAM_220tonne1_cannon_de_164mm_mle1893
  • F83_SEAM_220tonne2_2x_hispano_925
  • F83_SEAM_220tonne3_SEAM_220t
  • F83_SEAM_220tonne4_SEAM_220t
  • F83_SEAM_220tonne5_ER_70

Could this really mean we will be getting a second French heavy branch starting from Tier III? Wargaming has already announced they would be releasing a new branch in 2017 and this could be it. If they actually do it, we will most probably only get any further details about it later on this year during Gamescon. What do you guys think?

Update #1

Hello everyone,

And it seems the French Super Heavy Branch it’s a fake created by leggasiini. Thanks to mallet1492 for the heads up. This is why usually we need to take these leaks from sources never heard before with a truck load of salt. Here’s what leggasiini posted.

Source: WOT Labs Forum

All these “leaks” related to french superheavies in few last days are fake.

To start with:

I really would like to see these tanks in the game, for many reasons: they are stupid-looking, failure multiturretted fatass boxes, (just like Japanese heavies, and thats exactly like what i love about these tanks), while they have some history value (Char C2 is iconic tank, FCM 1A is one of the first turretted heavy tanks ever and FCM F1 was somewhat well known and almost produced, too!) and lastly, if implemented properly, would implement very unique playstyle. Monday morning, i was bored so i got idea “why just not edit French tech tree so it contains superheavy line for lolz?”. And yes, i used freaking MS paint to edit all of this. At first, it wasnt meant to be slapped into internet. However, despite the fact i used MS paint to edit the picture, it ended up being actually very realistic-looking, so i got little prank idea there. However, the main purpose wasnt to just troll people. I really wanted to know if WG is actually planning to bring French superheavies, or 2nd French heavy line or whatever u can call it.

Back in 2016, WG was actually planning to introduce the line: superheavies up to tier 7, and then AMX 65T and other comparable tanks (i guess, comparable to AMX M4 49 Liberte) at tier8, 9 and 10. The AMX 65t even got into supertest with HD model and stuff. However, nothing was heard about it after that. Apparently there was something going on when it came to superheavies, and then WG decided to bring just tier 8-10 but soon after they didnt bring any of them.

Back to this hoax, i hoped that if these leaks would spread, WG eventually would notice this and tell that “this is fake”. My hope was that WG would at same time tell if they are actually planning the introduce them at some point. And well, i got the answer.

I must apologize everyone. Lets be honest, i had kinda fun, as i had NO IDEA that this would actually seem like legit leak. I thought the “story” i used as background was pretty poor and would make people suspicious, but i was wrong. Anyways, i am sorry, and i hope i didnt crush someone’s dreams. 

However, i would like to write on proposal how the line would actually look like – tank by tank. And as for SEAM 220t stats – no, dont worry, i DONT think 3500 HP, 900 alpha heavy with good gun handling is good idea. Instead, given how WG likes to implement new special mechanics for new lines (see Swedish TDs), aswell as rumors of ST-II possibly making appearence, giving these tanks from tier 6-7 to tier 10 a multiturret mechanic, if implemented properly, would make these tanks really unique vehicles. How would that sound like?


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