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World of Tanks – First Wave of Bans – Updated

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Hello everyone,

According to WOT Express, the first wave of bans have been issued to players using illegal mods. This first wave is the a first strike warning, meaning users have been banned for 7 days and will be permanently banned if they are caught using illegal mods again.

Banned user on RU Server

There isn’t exact numbers on how many players  have been banned yet and the bans started about 30 minutes ago (12:00 GMT). I’ll try to get more information about it and as per usual, expect enormous amounts of rant in the Official Forums.

Update #1 – 15:05

Seems Wargaming decided to release some information on the matter. According to the official World of Tanks Portal, Wargaming has issued a 7 days ban to:

  • EU Region: 2,869 Players
  • NA Region: 252 Players
  • SEA Region: 115 Players
  • RU Region: 15,937 Players

We can now see some results to what the majority of players didn’t believe. I had confirmation from players on the EU, NA and RU Regions that know someone who has been banned.

I would expect more players to be banned in the upcoming weeks, and also some more information from Wargaming regarding what is considered illegal or not.

Update #2 – 18:15

Just got send the emails are receiving if their ban is a result of using illegal mods. It tells the player that he is been banned because of the use of forbidden and unfair game, or also know by cheating.

Topic: Your account has been suspended from World of Tanks

Dear player,

This is an automated e-mail to inform you that a temporary 7 days account suspension has been applied to your account. Your account has been identified for the usage of forbidden and unfair game modifications. The above action is applied immediately.

Please note, that our decision is based on a very thorough investigation and cannot be overturned.

Note that if you are flagged a second time, your account will be permanently banned.

To avoid future action against your account, please familiarize yourself with our Fair Play Policy and a breakdown of illegal software categories:

We are sorry that we had to take such action, but please note that our aim is to guarantee fun, fair play and strategic satisfaction to all our players.


World of Tanks Team

There has been a lot of rant on the Russian and European forums, some players that have been banned claim they were unfairly banned, some even claim they never used mods. But the most hilarious one has to be the one who rants over Twitter…


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  1. Cynd3r commented on it in the thread;

    “The number is so low because we used very conservative, specific conditions in determining which players were to be sanctioned. These sanctions are incontestable–no appeals will be considered–so we wanted to be 100% certain with this first wave that those who were sanctioned were done so with reason.

    Keep in mind this is only the first ban wave, and the numbers will not necessarily stay this low with subsequent waves.”

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