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World of Tanks: Excluding maps coming with Update 1.5

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For a long time, as far as any player can remember, one of the most requested features was the ability to block maps from the map pool. It’s 2019 and after years of waiting, Wargaming is finally working on delivering the new feature with Update 1.5! Players will be able to block one map of their choice, at a time, and avoid it in the matchmaking queue.

How Will It Work?

When Update With the release of this feature, some new additional tweaks will also have been made to the Matchmaker. These will ensure players won’t get matched on their blocked map under any circumstances. The Excluded Maps feature will only be available for Standard Battles, and not for Assault. Encounter Battles and Grand Battles.

The feature will only work when playing Tier IV vehicles or higher and will be disabled for all three Grand Battles maps (Klondike, Nebelburg, and Hinterland).

Finally, if you wish to block a different map, you will have to wait at least 4 hours to pass since you banned the previous one, making the previous one available again to be matched in.

How Will This Feature Work for Platoons?  

The feature will be available only to Platoon creators. The other Platoon members’ Excluded Maps will be overridden by the Platoon creator’s map list as long as they are part of that Platoon.

Of course, this is just the first iteration of a brand new feature, meaning it might change in the future, allowing players to block more maps and more. What do you think, is this a feature that you were highly anticipating or not? Could this be a good tool for Wargaming to learn which maps are most disliked and need rework/remove? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Excluding maps coming with Update 1.5

  1. Need a way of not seeing arty now that would be a ground breaker

  2. Lol. Learn to play.

    The ones complaining oddly enough are always the ones parking in open even after several hits!
    Me dumb.3art ingamei. Me park bad so ours can’t support while their can!

    Uhhhhh arti Soo op!

    Sounds familiar!?

    Artillery was nerved over and over.
    Just odd that my Maus in 0.7 didn’t had that issue, WHILE art was still “op”
    Perhaps because I use …m about half a brain? ….nah. probably magic :))

  3. I will welcome feature which will allow me to exclude one or two maps for each cl*** of vehicles, not in general.

  4. such a fun gameplay hiding from arty in the corner to survive, yeey so good for the game

  5. they should look back to War Craft III – Blizzard had a working map vote system in the nearly twenty years ago

  6. Was that English? I don’t think anyone can understand a damn thing you just said.

    Artillary is pure aids. Plain and simple

  7. so that’s how you avoid being hit by arty? camp it out until that clock hits 0:00? XD
    or the other way around: why don’t you get rid of campers with your mad arty skillz?

  8. Now maybe wargaming can monitor that and be able to get rid of those maps (Himmelsdorf, Ensk..hint hint.) All maps need to me at least the 1000m or more.

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