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World of Tanks (EU): Summer Sale continues!

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Summer Sale continues! Looking out for a new Premium tank? Some okayish deals and save some money? You will have a choice between two bundles, Best Buy offers were you get a discounted tank (50% off for Tier VII and 30% for Tier VIII) but also nice extras, including World of Tanks Premium Account, or get the Essential offers to receive these tanks with a trained crew and a garage slot.

Here are the first tanks on the list. They will be available for purchase until 12 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2). Be on the lookout for more offers soon:

  • Caernarvon Action X: British heavy with a strong turret and a great gun.
  • Strv S1: Swedish destroyer with a unique siege mode.
  • 59-Patton: Chinese recon master and with a massive weak spot.
  • 112: Chinese tough and hard-punching heavy.
  • Panther/M10: German versatile Panther in disguise.

Don’t forget to check the Premium Shop for the Best Buy or Essential package deals!