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World of Tanks (EU): October Sneak Peek

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Is it almost October? Seems it’s quickly arriving and we can have a nice sneak peek to what specials Wargaming has in store for us. Please note, the following specials are for the European region.


October Sneak Peek

  • 1-30 October: Top of the Tree
    • This month, we’re going heavy with our new Top of the Tree! It’s time for the Object 705A to shine. This Soviet beast and its line will be discounted during the whole month of October. The perfect time to climb your way up to the top of the famous Soviet Heavies tech tree!
  • 3-9 October: German Reunification
    • If you were looking to add more German tanks to your garage, this special will give you the perfect excuse to go for it! So be prepared for the celebration of German reunification and its great discounts. Highlight: A Supply Box containing equipment and more!
  • 5, 12, 19 and 26 October: Friendly Friday
    • This month, we’re having a different type of special. You’ve guessed it: the Friendly Fridays will happen every week of October with new challenges to complete with your fellow tankers. So prepare your platoons!
  • 6-9 October: Germany United
    • German celebration part 2! Extend the fun with some great discounts and new missions! Highlight: x4 XP on the first victory of the day!
  • 9-11 October: Ready Up
    • Stay close to the fireplace and prepare for another season of epic gaming, starting with this new special featuring Personal Reserves, consumables, and equipment as rewards! Highlight: 50% Discount on Barracks!
  • 12-25 October: Trade In!
    • Gift season is getting close, and we will give you a taste of the end of the year’s celebration with this special and its unique feature: trading vehicles! It’s time to write your tank wishlist already! Highlight: Trade your vehicles and treat yourself!
  • 13-15 October: Crew is Crucial
    • You know it, you love it, Crew is Crucial is back, so be kind to your crews through this special which focuses on the men and women in your favourite vehicles! Highlight: x2 Crew XP per battle
  • 16-18 October: XP Stands for Xtra Progress
    •  Another special Xtraordinaire! With this new event, you’ll be able to win sums of XP through exciting missions!
  • 20-22 October: Damage with style!
    • Doing cool stuff is cool. But doing cool stuff while looking cool is even cooler. That’s a lot of cools for one sentence, but you get the idea. With this special, you’ll be able to gather lots of consumables and give a fresh lick of paint to your tanks. Highlight: 50% on customisation items
  • 23-30 October: XP Fever
    • The fever is rising! Our well-known special is back, and this time, it brings a friend with it to convert your Free XP to Crew XP! Highlight: x4 XP on the first victory of the day!
  • 27 October – 1 November: 100 Years of Czechoslovak Independence
    • Another historical article to celebrate! And obviously, the Czechoslovak vehicles will be the stars of this special! Highlight: A Supply Box containing equipment and more!
  • 30 October – 1 November: Team Up with Discounts!
    • Team play will be the way to go during this special! Don’t forget that there’s strength in numbers. Get ready for cool missions too, as well as better Elite to Free XP conversion! Highlight: 50% Discount on equipment.