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World of Tanks (EU): October Sneak Peek

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October is just around the corner and with it, new specials and events in World of Tanks. The main event will come at the end of the month, with the Halloween Special, where we will all get to play some trick or treat! Until then, you will have to do with the usual Weekend Specials and Top of The Tree. Here’s what you can expect in October.

October Tank Rewards

October 2 through October 31: Ghosts and ghouls are haunting Tank Rewards this October! Complete missions to cast out the evil spirits, collect tokens and unlock different reward tiers. Make it to stage five and recruit one of three brave ghosthunters to your team:  SU-85I, SU-100Y or AT 15A.

Top of the Tree

October 5 through November 5: Roll out into October and straight to the top of the Chinese medium tank line. The 121 is a hard-hitting support vehicle with a well-rounded turret that can take a punch just as good as it can dish them out.

October 20 through November 20: Let the battlefield tremble under the fire of fearsome French autoloaders and fight your way to the AMX 50 B. It might not be the toughest heavy tank in the game, but definitely one of the most dangerous ones.

Steel Hunter Stage III

October 12 through October 19: The next stage of the great expedition awaits and will get you even closer to the great reward tanks. But before you can reap your prizes, you have to demonstrate once more that you are a true Steel Hunter.

German Reunification Special

October 3 through October 6: Celebrate Germany’s national holiday with extra XP for every first victory, plenty of discounts including German standard tanks, and missions.

Crippling Blow Special

October 10 through October 13: Sometimes one precise punch is enough, and the opponent is hanging in the ropes. Practice your skills in dealing damage and taking out enemies for great rewards and extra XP.

Crew is Crucial

October 17 through October 20: No tank is complete without its trusted crew. Push them to their limit with discounts and a special mission.

XP Fever

October 24 through October 27: It might be getting colder outside, but your Premium tanks are just heating up. Earn plenty of extra XP for every Tier and even a free day of World of Tanks Premium Account with this classic special.

On the Offensive

October 31 through November 03: Trick or Treat? Or rather, fight or retreat? Of course, the latter is not an option, because the last special of the month will have you go on the offensive to earn rewards. So, lead the charge, don’t take no for an answer, and get those large candy bars, or at least a large repair kit and more!

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  1. Pls tank rewards should worth it to grind. I hope they make it max point to get premium tanks 3000 or lower. Please.

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