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World of Tanks (EU): Object 252U Returning?

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There is one Soviet heavy tank that makes the European player community go crazy and its name is Object 252U also know as Defender. After it’s initial sale, this vehicle was never available again, but this might be about to change.

Object 252U Defender

This vehicle was the centre of a lot of debates about an overpowered vehicle, while in my opinion the vehicle isn’t overpowered, it certainly is broken. The gun is, well, Soviet, takes ages to aim and has the Stalin aiming system that makes you hit the most awkward shots and miss the most aimed ones.

But it’s armour is broken to the point that makes the vehicle overpowered. If you are lucky enough to face Tier VIII and lower vehicles, you can pretty much carry the whole team on your back, as almost nothing in the battlefield will be able to take you down. Of course, you can’t just steamroll your enemies and any YOLO rush will just get you destroyed quickly, but if you play with a minimum of skill, you will love this vehicle.

Wargaming mentioned before they would like to bring the vehicle back to sale, but the community was quite loud against it, so the question remains, would like to see it back?

A very reliable source of mine has confirmed Wargaming has plans to bring the vehicle back on sale, for the European server, very soon, in fact so soon that is from November 1 to November 5, a limited time sale that will enable anyone who doesn’t have one a chance to get one more vehicle in their garage.

As you might think, I also didn’t want to believe my source, so I keep saying to myself that Wargaming wouldn’t do something like this, but who knows? We will have to wait and see if next week, Tier VIII battles will be full of Object 252U Defenders, or if we will have players with pitchforks and torches in the streets.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks (EU): Object 252U Returning?

  1. i wish they put it on sale because i took a long break from wot before it was first released and never knew about it until it was too late. never got the chance to buy it

  2. I really hope that they do not sell the Defender/Object 252U on the EU server.

    Now p*** me my pitch fork I want to go and shove it up the ***** of the idiot at WG who thought it might be a good idea to sell it again on the EU server.

  3. Even at one hundred euro it just should not happen. The damn thing (defender/Object 252U) is an abomination at tier VIII, and will ruin tier VIII match making for months.

  4. I think it should be sold.
    WG should sell anything they can, and if people want to buy, fine.
    The mere thought that a defender outbreak will ruin t8 mm? Have you guys played tier 8 in the last year????

  5. Wg love to sell vehicles hyped overprice vehicles…see the type 59 case. Everybody bought as many crates as he could buy in order to have a type59. After sale no random spam of type 59. Why because it,s not the hyped tank that everybody thought to be.
    This is the case of defender…was good at first then they broke his ammorack. It was no game for me without repairing it 2_3 times per game, and armor is worst than is3. As for me Lowe is better than Defender in gun handling and armor.

  6. Don’t do it! Tier eight have been hell for a while, then you plan on fixing the mm.. don’t make the game worse by selling this abomination.

    People wanting this, use your brains. You will be fighting it way more than driving it.

  7. Dude tier 8 is ruined already, 90% of battles on tier 10, at least in defender you have a chance to survive a bit longer. I fully support the sale, and no im not potatoe player (2400wn8)

  8. Defender isn’t that good these days. MM is a joke, since it’s release we’ve seen the Somua, Russian tier 8 TD and then Skorp G has been on sale more times than anyone can remember. Pref MM tanks just saw huge buffs as well.

    So have fun being “overpowered” as bottom tier.

  9. Exactly my words. Defender is only good againts lower tiers, but you cannot do anything to T9 and T10 heavies whatsoever. While in tanks like Skorp G or Lowe you can.

    Defender PROs:
    – Stronke russia armor

    Defender CONs:
    – 0 accuracy
    – 0 dpm
    – 0 pen
    – 0 view range
    – no gun depression

  10. Is it overpowered? Yes but not against battalions of tier 9-10 it has to face. Is it the best tier 8? Probably and definitely a nightmare for tier 6-7 opponents but how often will it get that matchmaking?

    What is the worst position on a team list? Bottom tier heavy. No mobility, no vision, derpy gun and armour that the higher tiers will shred.

    Is it a good tank? Yes but unless matchmaking improves, more flexible tanks are a better use of money. A Scorpion G, Lorraine 40T can do more in more types of games and the pref matchmaking tanks are looking a LOT better these days. The Lowe, Super Pershing are good buys.

    If anyone has the cash and buys it- hope you have fun but I’m saving my money and see what’s coming up in the next couple of months (with incoming wheeled French tanks, British lights and Black Friday & Christmas coming up – There won’t be any shortage of new or rare premiums to buy!)

    Have fun

  11. Well a lot of crying from people that WILL never spend money! WG should give the EU Server players the same opportunity they give to Others .
    That said I wish they will sell it because now at T8 which russian premium heavy you have? the IS6?? It’s not nice at all!

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