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World of Tanks (EU): November Sneak Peek

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Is it almost November? October still has a few days left but we already can have a quick look at what November has prepared for us. From the usual Top of the Tree to Remembrance Day and Black Friday. Here’s an overlook to what is coming up next month.


EU Region November Sneak Peek

  • 1-30 November: Top of Tree
    • It’s time for the Polish tanks to shine, with discounts on the whole line leading to the 60TP Lewandowskiego!
  • 03-05 November: Role Model
    • Lead by example with this new special featuring missions for every tank class in the game!
  • 06-09 November: Rainy Days
    • With autumn comes a lot of rain. No need for an umbrella, though. Just jump into your tank and complete a chain of missions with increasing rewards!
  • 10-12 November: Remembrance Day
    • Celebrate the end of World War I with this new special, featuring discounts on most vehicles and more, as well as x5 XP for your first victory!
  • 13-16 November: Xtra Progress
    •  XP once again stands for Xtra Progress as you’ll fight for great sums of XP!
  • 17-19 November: XP Fever
    • You know it and you’ll get it again, the XP fever is back! And with this special come multiple XP missions!
  • 20-23 November: Team Effort
    • Gather your fellow tankers for great platoon battles and various rewarding missions.
  • 24-26 November: Black Friday
    • Ready, Set, Go! It’s that time of the year again – Black Friday is here and just like in every shop, ours will feature tons of great discounts!
  • 27-30 November: Crew is Crucial
    • Once again, it’s time to treat your tankers with all sorts of crew-related discounts!