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World of Tanks (EU): November Sneak Peek

2 min read

Its almost November, and we get to have a sneak peek of what is coming up. Remember, November will have the last Frontline episode from 18 November to 24 November, as predicted by us a long time ago. So, what else is coming up?

  • Top of the Tree: E 50 M – As usual, a whole month dedicated to a single branch and this time we get the good old German cat.
  • Halloween After-Part: 1-4 November – If you survive the night of terror, get ready for some treats. Discounts on Customisation.
  • Remembrance Day: 9-11 November – As per last year, expect some decent event and enjoy  x5 XP on Your First Victory of the Day.
  • XP Fever: 16-18 November – The last time we will see this event in 2019. Get ready to earn extra XP.
  • Crippling Blow: 23-25 November – Time to get some crew XP with the x2 Crew XP event.
  • Black Friday: 29 November – 2 December – Don’t expect a massive great deal, but maybe some usual discounts. Wargaming isn’t famous for giving us EU players large discounts on Black Friday, instead, they usually give us expensive packages with a discount… You won’t save money, maybe just spend more. The good thing: x4 XP on Your First Victory of the Day.