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World of Tanks (EU): Monthly Rundown

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Here, have a sneak peek at our activities for next month:

Top of the TreePlay Your Class RightWG Fest SpecialWarm-Up for the RacesXP FeverShow Off Your Dog Tag

1-30 September: Our monthly special is back, and as always, it will come with great discounts and useful bonuses.

7-10 September: Inspired by our Tank Driving License, we created this special to encourage you to play your class the best way possible. Spot, damage, and block to earn XP and more!


Simple Missions & Diverse Rewards 

14-17 September: Our annual convention is coming to Minsk with a ton of goodies.


x4 XP on Your First Win

16-23 September: Let’s go for a warm-up lap before the Tank Races start! It’s all about moving around in this one…


Loads of Consumable

21-24 September: With new colleagues joining the company or new kids arriving to your school, catching a fever is easy. Don’t worry though, this one is harmless.


Tons of XP up for Grabs

28 September-1 October: Do you like to brag about what’s painted on your tanks or engraved on your Dog Tag? Here’s a new chance to earn more fame, collectors!


Cool Customisation Items