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World of Tanks (EU): May Specials Sneak Peek

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Is that time of the month again, we can have a sneak peek into next month special events! hey will celebrate the best damage dealers out there, remember one of the most iconic battles of World War II, and even offer you an alternative to Frontline.

May’s Specials

Crew is CrucialWreckfestMilitary Parade WeekendBacklineTeam EffortBattle of Monte CassinoXP FeverGeneral Maintenance

4-6 May: Let’s start the month with a classic. On Star Wars Day, don’t forget that a crew is always crucial, whether you’re talking tanks or spaceships.


x3 Crew XP

7-10 May: Time to wreak havoc with this new special focused on damage dealing, and damage dealing only!


Stack some Personal Reserves

8-13 May: Can you hear the trumpets and the drums already? A great parade is coming, with a prelude event, tons of discounts, and great missions as confetti!


x5 XP on the first victory

14-17 May: You’re not into Frontline that much? Don’t worry, this special will provide another challenge for all vehicles from Tier IV to X. Jump into battle for these new chained missions!


Get some equipment

18-20 May: Strength is always in numbers, so take one for the team with this new edition of a classic event!


Extra goodies for team players

21-27 May: This month, we’re introducing historical special! And we will start with one of the most iconic battles from World War II: Monte Cassino.


Pick a side and grab the loot

25-27 May: Summer will be around the corner at this point, and yet, you might catch a fever with this new iteration of a beloved special.


Great sums of XP

28-31 May: We will finish the month by having a look at our tanks. With the temperature increasing, it’s always good to check on our favourite machines!


Consumables to take care of your tanks

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  1. Monte Casino will be a game mode or will be mission to be accomplished in random battles?

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