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World of Tanks (EU): May Sneak Peek

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May Sneak Peek

Top of the TreeCrew Is CrucialTANK WARSMother's Day CelebrationsMilitary ParadePlay Your Class RightTraining RumbleXP Fever

From May 1 to June 1: We promised surprises and the Top of the Tree special delivers. Instead of shining just one light on a single line, we are trying something new! 3 extraordinary vehicles will be fighting for your attention with discounts and special missions! The Chinese XWZ-111 model 5A , the Italian XProgetto M40 mod. 65 , and the American XT110E3 are part of the first-ever Triple Top of the Tree!

From April 30 to May 3: Let’s kick off the new month with some appreciation for the people inside the vehicles. Without them, even the mightiest machine would just be sitting in its spot. The classic crew special is filled with discounts and missions that will turn rookie recruits into seasoned veterans in no time.


x4 XP for every first victory

From May 3 to May 10: Speaking of pitching tanks against each other. The Top of the Tree special won’t be the only event this month in which tanks will court for your attention and support. The brand-new Tank Wars special takes two of the most popular vehicles in-game and of the Second World War era, and asks the age-old question: Which one would win in a fight?

Pick a side, collect points, and support your favorite tank of the two. Are you Team VT-34 or Team VM4A1 Sherman ?

From May 6 to May 13: This year, we are celebrating Mother’s Day with a set of easy missions for Mother’s Day-themed customizations. Make sure to roll out, earn the decorations, and let all the mothers in-game and outside know how important they are.


Thanks, Mom!

From May 7 to May 11: May 8th marks the end of the Second World War in Europe. In order to commemorate this historic event, we are having our annual military parade full of discounts and missions with great rewards.


Plenty of Consumables and Discounts

From May 14 to May 17: Show off your skills with every class (except SPGs) and earn rewards. What might sound simple, gets progressively harder the further you get. Can you earn all the tank diplomas for heaps of rewards?


XP for Every Class (Except SPGs)

From May 21 to May 24: Summer is almost here, Commanders! Time to get that beach body back in shape! We have created a new training program that will make you and your crew sweat. But don’t worry, the reward is worth the effort.


Free Gun Rammer

From May 28 to May 31: It’s getting hot, Commanders! Hopefully outside as well, but definitely in-game! The classic XP Fever returns with heaps of bonus XP no matter the weather.


A True XP Frenzy