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World of Tanks EU: March Sneak Peek

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March is upon us and with it, we have an opportunity to have a sneak peek at what’s coming!  World of Tanks Update 1.0 will arrive and drastically change the game, but before it does, let’s have a look at the specials Wargaming has planned.


March Specials

Top of the Tree

March 1st to 31st: The new Soviet medium tank line leading up to the rock-solid Object 430U will be on offer. Climb up the tree and get to this powerful top-tier vehicle faster thanks to great discounts and bonuses!

Countdown to 1.0

March 1st to 25th: Get ready for one of the most significant updates in the history of World of Tanks! Take part in this long-time event – the more you play, the more you’ll get. Aside from the main prize, there will be others every week.

XP Fever

March 3rd to 5th: XP Fever, one of the classic specials revolving around earning as much XP as possible. Look forward to dedicated missions and discounts, and rack up those numbers!

Weekend Special

March 10th to 12th: Weekend special with a focus on battle missions. Complete those and stock up on essential resources! Enjoy an x3 XP for the first victory.

St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th to 19th: Irish National Day you can look forward to a wide variety of different bonuses, discounts, and missions, one of them traditionally rewarding you with four-leaf clover emblems.

Credit Chests

March 24th to 26th:  Have the opportunity to fill your treasury with tons of credits with Credit Chests event. The more you play, the more credits you’ll earn! Enjoy an x3 XP for the first victory.

Weekend Special

March 31st to April 2nd: Final weekend special of the month focuses on crews, so if you’re in dire need of good tankers, here’s your chance to train them quicker! Enjoy an x2 Crew XP per battle.

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  1. Countdown to 1.0 from 1st to 25th March but the Credits Chests event starts on the 24th, so does 1.0 come on the 1st or…? Because I’m pretty sure the Chests event has something to do with the new “garage” in 1.0. Either way… as a non-premium player, I could benefit greatly from that event, looking forward to it.

  2. How about the tier 8 matchmaking?? Now it is ridiculous. Better play with tier 6 at max where yiu still have chance to make credits.

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