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World of Tanks (EU): June Specials Sneak Peek

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Are we really almost in June? It’s time to get ready for a month full of specials and still have time for Frontlines and Ranked Battles. Here’s what you can expect at the upcoming month.

June Specials

Crew BoostHit Them HardD-Day SpecialExperience the BattleXP FeverDamaging VictoryCrew is CrucialExperience Makes PerfectTankfest Special

1-3 June: Let’s start with something safe, but always helpful: a focus on Crew Experience to help your tankmen and women grow!


x2 Crew XP

4-10 June: Play, damage, win, repeat. It’s all about excellence with this new special.


Various goodies up for grabs

6-9 June: Commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landing with us.


x2 XP for your victories

11-17 June: We hope you guys love puns, ’cause this new special is dedicated to – you’ve guessed it – experience, in all its forms!


Maximise your XP with Personal Reserves

15-17 June: Once again, the fever is rising. Share the XP virus with your fellow commanders!


Great sums of XP

18-24 June: We’re on a pun streak. Get ready to charge into battle with your favourite damage dealers during this special.


Barrack Slots and more goodies

22-24 June: Even with the introduction of Crew Books, your crew remains crucial. Time to spoil them.


Bonuses & discounts for your favourite crews

25 June-1 July: The bigger the challenge, the greater the reward. Show us that you can endure the hardest trials to win a lot of XP.


1 massive bag of XP

28 June-1 July: The biggest display of historical armoured vehicles is back, and not only in Bovington. You will also be able to enjoy it in-game thanks to missions and discounts.


x4 on your first victory of the day

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