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World of Tanks (EU): June Sneak Peek

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Spring seemed to rush by like French wheeled tanks and now summer is almost here. Let’s take a sneak peek at the specials and rewards that you can enjoy alongside the warm weather and cold drinks.

June 5 – June 20 & June 20 – July 5: The beginning of the month is about versatility and hull-down tactics when you follow the British medium tank line all the way to the Centurion Action X. As summer arrives, so do Swedish tank destroyers up to the Strv 103B. Famous for their low profile and the special Travel and Siege mechanic, they will make sure that your opponents return to their Garages before they get sunburned.

June 6–9: This year, we will commemorate one of the most important events of World War II once again. Complete the special D-Day missions to earn extra XP, customizations, and more

June 13–16: You need to earn XP to make XP, at least when it comes to this special. Pick your favourite tanks, standard or Premium, of any tier and collect great XP bonuses.

June 19–27: Tankfest has always been one of our most beloved events of the year and we are not going to let the current circumstances stop us from celebrating our love for tanks. So, get ready for it with a special set of missions.

June 20–23: The first days of summer promise to be hot and full of XP. Take your Premium vehicles out for a nice ride across the battlefields and collect extra XP.

June 27–30: The actual event might not take place this year, but we will celebrate it with a digital version full of great activities, including, discounts, the return of the Brawl event, live streams, and plenty more. You don’t want to miss this!

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