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World of Tanks (EU): January 2022 Monthly Rundown

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January 2022 is around the corner and it will be a month full of activities!

Top of the Tree

Discounts as per usual on two vehicles, starting with the Soviet Object 268 Verison 4, from January 5 to February 5 and then the German Pz.Kpfw. VII, from January 20 to February 20! If you still don’t have these tanks, it will be a good time for you to start grinding them and enjoy nice discounts all across the branch!

  • 50% Discount on Tier II to Tier V
  • 30% Discount on Tier VI to Tier X
  • x2 Crew XP
  • Large Consumables to win
  • Various Personal Reserves to win
  • x5 First Win XP Bonus

Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles will make a return with the new format: 10vs10! It will last for 14 days, just like the previous Season.

Tank Wars

The first Tank Wars of 2022 will also start next month with the Soviet IS vs American T 29! Pick your favourite and let’s see who wins! Registration opens on January 14 and the missions will run from January 17 to January 24. A final reward for collection points will be the Gun Smith 2D Style!

New Year Special

A brand new 2D Style and discounts will arrive with the New Year!

Weekend Specials

  • Team Effort: Jan 14 – Jan 17
    • Missions for Large Consumables
  • Crew is Crucial: Jan 21 – Jan 24
    • Usual missions and bonus for your crews!
  • Get Ready for Lunar New Year: Jan 24 – Jan 31
    • Missions for Emblems and brand new 2D Style!
  • Lunar New Year Celebrations: Jan 31 – Feb 4
    • In-game discounts!

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