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World of Tanks (EU): Get Your Hands on the KV-2 (R)

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It’s not every day we advertise Premium vehicles, but the KV-2 (R) is a meme machine that everyone should have! The power of Stalin Hammer at your hands, but with Premium benefits!

Inspired by Warhammer 40,000 and draped in the Valhallan Ragnarok camo style, this mighty machine is known for its devastating alpha damage and enormous 152 mm gun, which will make quick work of any opponent.

Whether you are confronting an army of Orks from the 41st millennium or facing off against the mightiest tanks of the 20th century, battle it out to bring honour and glory to the Imperium. Check the Premium Shop to get your hands in one!

1 thought on “World of Tanks (EU): Get Your Hands on the KV-2 (R)

  1. One of the most fun tanks to play. I use it often for missions where you have to kill enemy tanks. Indeed a must have!

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