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World of Tanks (EU): Chrysler K is now available!

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For the first time ever the American heavy tank Chrysler K is available in the EU region without the WGL GF skin! Nothing new but the tank that created havoc in the Europen server is still a solid tank to have in your garage.

Its turret is located in the rear part of the hull, making it the perfect choice for side-scraping tactics. The Chrysler K excels in this doctrine, but it has more than just one quality, such as the very strong frontal armour plate.

Chrysler K heavy tank is now available for European players!

With a good power-to-weight ratio the biggest negative in this machine it’s his gun! While it’s enough for lower tier opponents, you might struggle with some Tier IX and X, especially if they are heavily armoured! So pick your opponents by their soft skin and avoid the toughest ones out there.

Same Tank, Different Look

If you want the new Chrysler K and already own the Grand Finals version, you can exchange it for free. Just follow the steps below before the end of the sales on 22 October at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Swap Conditions

These rules are exclusively valid for this specific offer. Follow this link here and submit a ticket to our Customer Support. Any ticket created there will lead to a swap, as long as you have the Chrysler K GF, and you were not playing with it at the time your request was processed.

  • The swap will NOT be done immediately but in batches, so please wait patiently for the confirmation e-mail you will receive when it’s done.
  • Your Chrysler K GF statistics will stay in your Service Record.
  • All mounted equipment and consumables will be moved to the Depot.
  • The Crew will be moved to the Barracks (temporary bunks, if there are no free ones).
  • The swap is only possible one way (Chrysler K GF  to Chrysler K). There’s no reverse swap.