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World of Tanks (EU): Bonus Code with Two Small Boxes!

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Easy and simple, just activate the code and you get two small boxes! The Code will only work for EU Region accounts and its a small token from the Wargaming EU Team to all players!


2x Small Boxes! Open boxes to receive decorations and other valuable assets.


You can either click the above button and activate the code, or just simply copy the code and activate it manually. Massive thanks to the EU Team for sharing a small token with all the players!

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks (EU): Bonus Code with Two Small Boxes!

  1. Better than nothing, but there is always those who aren’t happy with anything free 😉

  2. works…. idk what the problem is with the others…maybe wargaming ****ing up ever more and more

  3. WOW such generous offer its like do you want to have nothing or do you want to have more of nothing.

  4. Thanks a lot, but it didn’t work (today).
    After entering the code the client showed two messages in the log: “You received a parcel: Small Box x2 (Click the button to view the content)” and the usual for a pair of small boxes.
    Pushing the first button took me to the box screen… with no boxes. Pushing the button in the usual message didn’t show them either.
    Maybe tomorrow they show up.

  5. Today they did not appear.
    But yesterday I had accomplished all the missions to get small boxes. Let’s try now, with Chuck’s misssion and the 2rd daily still awaiting

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