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World of Tanks – eSports Gambling with Credits?

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Hello everyone,

Mohamed Fadl, Head of Global Competitive Gaming at Wargaming said during an interview with Gamespot that Wargaming might think about introduction gambling into the game, but not with real-money, instead with in-game credits.

“You’re stupid to say betting is bad,” Fadl started off. “It’s a natural part of sports.”

Fadl believes that betting with real-money can become problematic, but it’s only natural that will happen in gaming. He can imagine a future for World of Tanks where players can use their in-game currency to bet on eSports matches, while real-money gambling may exist outside of what Wargaming can control.

He then added that Wargaming needs to be very careful on their approach to gambling, but there is clear demand for it, meaning Wargaming might want to pursue it.

“I believe betting down the road will be one of the major incomes for esports or streaming platforms.”

Other information from the article:

  • Asked about support for new platforms such as virtual reality and consoles, Wargaming is always doing R&D efforts, though they stopped short of confirming anything.
  • A major announcement about World of Tanks is coming up this weekend as part the Grand Finals in Taipei. Fadl suggested this may have something to do with Olympics-like national teams. We’ll report back later this weekend with the latest.
  • One of the issues right now with World of Tanks competitive play, Fadl said, is that it’s 7v7, while the regular game is 15v15. A future update to the game will address this.
  • PC currently dominates the pro gaming scene, but console and mobile will eventually reach critical mass for esports, Wargaming believes.


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  1. The information is from the Gamespot article. I don’t know where is the demand coming from to be honest. Maybe CIS Region? but I’m totally against to gambling

  2. Has it occured to him that setting up matches can be the next thing? I guess not…

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