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World of Tanks Supertest 9.21: ELC EVEN 90 Details

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A series of vehicles developed by BRUNON-VALETTE under the ELC program in the late 1950s. The goal was to create a light aeromobile tank for fire support purposes. The vehicle had small dimensions and high manoeuvrability. A total of 10 pilot vehicles with different types of armament were produced. They underwent trials, but the vehicle never entered mass production.

ELC EVEN 90 might be introduced as the first Tier VIII Premium light tank for the French nation. It will be the second smallest vehicle in the game and if current statistics aren’t changed, it will have insane camouflage for its tier.

Please Note: All details are from Supertest and are subject to change. Values presented are with 100% Crew without Skills/Perks and Equipment.




Tier VIII Light Tank
Hit Points
Gun 90mm D. 919
Shell Type AP / APCR / HE
Shell Velocity 760 / 950 / 760 m/s
Shell Avg. Penetration 175 / 215 / 45 mm
Shell Avg. Damage 220 / 220 / 270
Shells in Magazine 3
Reload Time 2.30s
Magazine Reload Time 25.455s
Rate of Fire 5.989
Aiming Time 2.3s
Average Damage per Minute 1,317.6
Accuracy 0.364
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -9 / +13
Chassis / Turret Traverse Speed 45 / 48 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 70/ -20 km/h
Terrain Resistance
Hard 0.671
Medium 0.767
Soft 1.342
Hull Armour 15 / 10 / 10 mm
Turret Armour 15 / 10 / 10 mm
Weight / Max Load
6.7 / 8 t
Engine Power 160 hp
Specific Power 23.88 hp/t
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle 38.8%
Concealment of Moving Vehicle 38.8%
View Range 380 m
Signal Range 745 m
Crew 3

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest 9.21: ELC EVEN 90 Details

  1. With camo crew, paint job and food and vents and all the other small bonuses the camo will be over 80% lol.
    Including on the move of course.
    Still pretty ok though, just anoyying to deal with on the 2 open maps in the game. Wish the firepower mobility was a touch better.

  2. “With camo crew, paint job and food and vents and all the other small bonuses the camo will be over 80% lol.”

    No, it won’t. These are are not base values. I believe those are values with 100% camo crew.

  3. That seems more than fishy. Are you sure? In article with Object 430U it had 22% camo on the move. If that would be base then it would have more camo on the move then most lights. Which seems totally ridiculous. But if you would compare it to other soviet meds with 100% camo crew then it would be normal. So either Tank Inspector is wrong (I would not trust that shady Chinese app) or WG went crazy.

  4. Sorry Harkonenn but I just can’t trust you on this. With 71% camo you would need 500 metres of viewrange to spot that tank on 180 metres. When its moving…That is just nonsense.

  5. Don’t forget the size of the tank. Its the second smallest tank, its the size of a small car.

  6. Even with that camo value. DPM is way to low. It will be even more useless then the SP1C in any one 1 one vs other lights… That and a tier 6 light can ram you to death as it weights nothing and is about the size of an MS-1.

  7. Omg, look at that dpm! :O Ok, if all maps were like open maps á la Malinovka or Prokhorvka I would buy it because of spotdamage. But in this world of corridors, nooo, forget about it. You can do it better WG. First you nerfed our beloved ELC and now presenting this slugish, impotent thing. No, thanks!

  8. Well the tanks interessed me quiet a lot …..but like all the other alraedy mentioned the problem is the gun…..Only 3 schell magasine 2,3 st reloed time between 2 schots and that with only 175 penetretion…….well that s too low,what will you reach with that?
    It will be almost difficult to penetrate some T8 and T 9 and T 10…….even with premium munition you are far away certain to penetrate what you schooting at.

    And theer is another thing that i don t realy understand by WG ,the vk168 01 p Heavy German T8 premium had 400 meter view range and the spoters had under 400 meter…….That.some kind of weird logik that idon t realy t understand

    If this tank will not have his gunn buffed befor his comming out,it will be without me.

    I will not by it .

    The t 92 give me already the rest with this schity gunn and the stupid price of the premium Amo.

  9. i think this tank will be a one trick horse. Lets summarise:

    -Laughable Armor;
    -Pathetic DPM
    -Useless Penetration against most tier 9/10’s
    -Low clip damage for a tier 8 autoloader
    -Sniper? ahahahah

    now for some not-so-bad stuff:

    -Mobility is adequate, however it is to be expected
    -View range is “normal” for tier 8 light tank (yea yea i know there are tanks with more)

    And now for the only 2 good things:

    -Tiny target is hard to hit when running from those high tier big guns, wich means decent survivability if spotted while moving
    -Camo is OP achieving around 70% whitout camo net (if using camo skill, food, paint, BIA and vents)

    so yea, if using the camo and mobility, think tank is OP, however this tank wont carry games alone. Its a suport tank

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