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World of Tanks: Developers Q&A with Brazilian Community

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World of Tanks developers participated in a Q&A session for the Brazilian player base! I’ve translated all the questions I’ve found relevant, as there were some specificy for the Brazilian community only. The following developers participated in the Q&A:

  • Max Chuvalov – Publishing Director
  • Artem Safronov – Executive Publishing Producer
  • Dmitry Fedoruk – Head of Publishing Product Management
  • Anton Bobrov – Product Manager
  • Alexey Ilyin – Product Manager
  • Aleksey Dyakov – Product Manager

When will WG start selling Styles instead of just having them available with Premium tanks?

Premium tanks and styles are two distinct objects in the game and we plan to keep them that way, we are currently working on more 3D styles for Premium vehicles, you will see them soon. No other plans at the moment.

Are there any plans to remove the resmods folder from the game?

We don’t have any plans to remove mods from World of Tanks, they are an essential part of our game and community. Since 2016 we when we implemented the new Fair Play Policy the number of players using illegal mods has dropped dramatically and many were banned.

Are there any plans for fun events like we had in the past?

Yes, we certainly will bring fun events. Keep an eye on the news because we plan to bring Tank Racing in 2019!

When will WG start fixing serious problems in the game, like MM and tank balancing?

We are currently working on the Matchmaker as it was already announced, and we will have more news soon. Tank balance is done as needed and based on player feedback too.

Will there be a possibility to change the Personal Reserves to “Played Time” instead of what we currently have?

No, we don’t have such plans, but who knows in the future we might change them.

When will WG make the game more attractive? For example, removing SPG from the game would help.

We have no such plans to remove SPG from the game. We can’t say we will never change them, it’s a possibility for the future, but we won’t be removing them. We will have more details later this year.

Are there chances of introducing modern vehicles in the game?

Yes, as long as they fit the game. An example of that is the new Swedish medium tanks.

When will you change the tank guns and stop them from clipping through walls, trees, etc?

We have no such plans, this is a vital part of gameplay.

With the introduction of French wheeled vehicles, a new door is open to introducing a great number of new vehicles from various nations. Are there any plans to introduce Brazil as a new tech tree?

No nations are discarded to be introduced, but currently, we have no such plans, at least until next year.

Are there any plans to improve the game economy? At the moment, without Premium Account, the profit in Random Battles is very small, especially in high Tiers.

The introduction of Rewards in the game will have a direct impact on the game economy.

Why won’t WG disable Friendly Fire in Random Battles too, just like we have in Frontlines?

More details about that will be shared later this year.

Do the Developers play any of the maps who receive changes, or does it just go directly to Supertest?

Yes, Developers play these maps once changes are introduced. Supertest exists for this purpose and we also collect and use data globally to make some changes.

Do the Developers think SPG is balanced at the moment?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a solution that will please all players instantly. We continually keep looking at the data and player feedback and we know there is a lot of negative feedback on how the stun mechanic works at the moment. Soon we will be ready to share more information on what we plan to do.

Will the players be able to get the Deserved Reward this year again?

Maybe yes, maybe not. Keep an eye on the news and soon you will find out.

Are there any plans for players to be able to hide their stats?

Yes, and we plan to introduce that this year.

Are there any plans to introduce more wheeled vehicles in the game? If yes, what will be the next nation to have these vehicles?

Yes, we have a few nations who can have wheeled vehicle in their tech tree, but we aren’t sure which one will be next.

Are there any plans to match players by skill level?

No, we have no such plans. We are currently working on the Matchmaker in order to deliver better and more balanced teams between vehicles, but we do not have any plans to have a skill based Matchmaker.

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