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World of Tanks – Developers Q&A 08/04/17

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Hello everyone,

Two short Q&A from the Russian Server. I wish we could have something like this for the EU/NA Servers, Wargaming FM in English, what you guys think? Would you make a lot of questions?

Source: WOT Express

Anton “Evilly” Pankov – Transcript from Livejournal

  • SPG Personal Missions changes will come in 9.18;
  • There are no plans to release the Chinese Tank Destroyer branch on other regions. (Exclusive for Chinese Server);
  • World of Tanks won’t come to and end with the release of 9.18;
  • There are reports of gun marks assignment being a bit of during sessions with great performance, for example percentage not changing at all or just a small amount. Wargaming will investigate these reports.
  • Q: Are there are any plans regarding the introduction of rockets in the game? RBT-5 icon has been available for quite some time.
    A: Tanks has been modeled and left in the internal archives, there is also a Hotchkiss armed with rockets.

Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin – Transcript from WargamingFM

  • According to statistics, the average number of self propelled guns per battle is between zero and two;
  • Matchmaker 2.0 doesn’t take each team health points into account. If this was introduced, it would have to take potential damage for each tank and the map;
  • Matchmaker looks at Karelia Assault and Karelia Normal as two different maps. If a player has different battle modes enabled, he needs to be prepared for this. However, for example, Prokhorovka and Fiery Salient count as the same map;
  • Wargaming is now actively working on maps in order to convert them into HD quality and has no plans to introduce new maps. For different battle modes, in particular for Frontline, there will be a large new map that is 3×3 kilometers, and that is essentially nine new maps;
  • Murovanka and Prokhorovka rework is almost finished;
  • There are no plans to sell the E25 (H: Sure… Like they did back on Christmas?!)
  • The maximum stun time Wargaming has according to statistic was the Maus, his average stun time was 27 seconds. Remaining tanks average are smaller.

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