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World of Tanks: Daily Deals – Catch Legendary Offers

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Looking for that special deal? A brand new mechanic has been introduced, that allows you to get random deals that might be very interesting.

Introducing Daily Deals, an interactive way that you catch four cards per day that contain good deals, for either Cash, Credits or Gold! Daily Deals let you save big on in-game goods, Premium Account time, and even Premium vehicles, and are only available for 1 day each during the next 7 days!

That’s right, Daily Deals are here for a limited time, from November 12, through November 19, 2020, don’t miss the chance of getting something decent for a better price.

What are Daily Deals?

Daily Deals are a new and interactive way for you to receive flipping good deals for your favourite tank game. They are filled to the brim with discounts and sales on everything a tank commander’s heart desires. From Premium time to Premium vehicles, boosters, currency packs, and customizations.

How do I get Daily Deals?

Log in to our Daily Deals page and catch up to 4 cards per day from the Daily Deal tornado. Flip them over to reveal the offers on the other side!

What kind of deals can I get?

Daily Deals are divided into three levels:

  • Common Daily Deals: Fantastic offers that range from Premium time to Premium vehicles and in-game goods.
  • Epic Deals: They generally include a little bit more for a little bit less.
  • Legendary Deals: Outstanding offers that you don’t want to miss.

The level determines the package contents and the discount you can expect.

Are all Daily Deals just Premium Shop packages?

No! Most of the Daily Deals are discounts for exclusive Premium Shop packages, and there will be a dedicated “Daily Deal” category in the Premium Shop. Make sure to be logged in to see it and claim your Daily Deals! However, some Daily Deals are directly available for credits and gold and will be sent to you in-game after your purchase! Premium vehicles and other unique items will be compensated in gold. Please note that the amount of gold depends on the discount that is applied to the package.

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