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World of Tanks Czech Community Q&A

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.Wargaming has held a Q&A with Kayi4ek, Junior Game Producer and Miloš Je?ábek, Development Director for the Czech community. All information was taken from Wargaming EU Stream and a massive thanks to Beroun for taking his time to translate so I could share this information with everyone.

Miloš Je?ábek confirms the changes to Object 263 branch won’t be coming to the Live Server, as Supertest results and the community feedback showed this wasn’t the best solution. Supertest is designed for this, to test if some ideas might work or not and I’m glad Wargaming decided to listen to the community and will try other ideas.

Why do you manipulate with each player’s RNG and MM? I have worse RNG when I am close to my 3rd mark.

We really don’t have the power or the ability to secretly manipulate with such core game mechanics. However, we already know that people will continue having such opinions, no matter what we do.

Are there plans to add any new Czechoslovak tanks to the game?

No, currently there are no plans for new branches in this nation.

So there will be no new branches just yet… What about a Czechoslovak tier 8 premium tank?

That is something we are actively looking into, our guys already gave us some ideas, but we cannot tell when or which tank will it be, as we haven’t decided anything yet. However, we know that it is the only branch that hasn’t got any tier 8 premium, and we would like to add one.

What about “multi-level” tanks, like the console version has? (not sure what they mean here, as I don’t play the console version of the game)

There are no plans for that. There have been some ideas, but right now we are not considering to add that.

Are there plans for more “sci-fi looking” premium tanks, like the Defender?

First of all, the Patriot or Liberte are tanks with a sci-fi camo, but the defender skin comes from historical findings. To the point, we definitely want to continue with the customization mechanics. As all of you for sure know, in the Common Test, there is a new customization system, which will be introduced with the new patch. Its biggest problem was that a lot of people wanted to have pink tanks, but also a lot of people wanted only historical skins and colours.

That’s why there will be a Settings option which will allow you to see only historical skins. However, it won’t work for tanks like the Patriot or Liberte just yet, only for the manually customised tanks in the garage. Despite that, there is a possibility that in the future you will be able to disable these skins as well, but we cannot promise anything right now.

This is only the beginning, depending on how well these changes will be received by the community, we might continue with 3D customization. This, however, also depends on the time and resources we will have, as we would have to revamp all the physical tank models once again, and that would mean hundreds of hours of work.
(OT – Milos’ favourite tank is the Maus, and he immediately tried a pink skin on it. Currently, he doesn’t like historical camos on it because the Kubinka specimen looks exactly like the Maus in-game when it doesn’t have any camouflage on.)

Will you do something with the Type 4, Type 5 and their guns?

It is extremely difficult to balance tanks like these. Even though a lot of players say that the “new weakspots” aren’t really weakspots, it can be confirmed that they ARE weakspots nonetheless. As always, we have to wait until we gather enough data and how the gameplay has changed since the introduction of their weakspots. A lot of players see those 2 tanks as a problem, but you have to ask yourself how many of them you really see on the battlefield. Statistics show that “normal” heavies are played way more than the Japanese ones, and we understand that it is frustrating to play against them, but you have to understand as well that it is very difficult to balance them if such low amount of players play with them in the first place.

We think that the Types are not breaking anything in the game. They are very difficult to play. When a type 5 one-shots something, everyone points out how broken they are. However, they don’t realise how many shells did the type 5 driver unsuccessfully fire before that. Obviously, if a Type 5 goes to banana road in Himmelsdorf, nobody will be able to push that road in the enemy team, so you will have to go somewhere else. But think about what can a Type 5 do in Sandriver, and you will realise how many weakspots they have.

Deleting weakspots on tanks is the new meta?

Every tank has its weakspots, even the types pre-nerf had (sides and rear, low manoeuvrability and speed). If you see a type in front of you, just don’t try to fight him, go to his sides and rear. A great example of this is the Halloween mode. The Leviathan and a type 5 heavy are in fact pretty similar. You can hear that monstrous gunfire across all the map, and you know it has a long reload. If it is aiming at you, you already know you have to hide.

We know that not all maps allow flanking manoeuvres, but in those situations, you just have to be patient and wait for your opportunity. Same with the new Badger. That tank is very situational and slow, if you see one, don’t stand in front of its gun, go around him. There is always a way how to deal with those tanks, and remember that you cannot win all the battles you play.

We know some tanks haven’t been well designed, we openly admit that the Chrysler K wasn’t exactly a success. But overall, we are not removing the tanks’ weakspots, that’s not the way we want to do it.

What can you say about all the machine gun ports that have been removed as weakspots, when the vehicles turn into HD?

If you look at it from a historical perspective, it is true that hitting a machine gun port or a driver’s hatch with an HE shell could damage it heavily, but if you shot it an AP round, it wasn’t really weaker than the rest of the armour. Every tank that comes into the game is the result of the work of a lot of tank historians, so there is definitely something truthful about the current HD models.

Will you address the “older” standard tanks? ( Tiger II, T-34-2, T32, etc.)

Definitely. We have almost finished the rebalance of the tiers 10, 9 and 8, as we wanted to start from the top, and we know that currently tiers 7 and 6 have a lot of problems, but we will address those issues as well. However, I cannot tell when it will be done. It is difficult to do anything with the lowest tiers, as they are usually just a box with a gun, but the tiers 5-7 have a lot of potentials.

Couldn’t you just increase the HP pool of the lower tiers? This way the battles will be overall longer and players wouldn’t be so frustrated to die after the 2nd shot they received.

This question is very interesting, as it would obviously not solve anything. In fact, quite the opposite, it would be maybe even more frustrating. In the high tiers, tanks are very rarely one-shotted (except for things like Death Star and so on), and usually, it takes some time to kill a tank. We think that increasing the HP pool overall would harm the game more than help it.

What will you do with the Obj 907?

That is again difficult for the same reason – if we want to change it in any way, there is not enough data on the server, very few players play it. And also, as it is a reward tank, we don¨t think it is nice from us to nerf a tank that players have got as a reward for their effort and skill.

E 50 M and Leopard?

A. We think that the 50M is a very good tank, it was changed not too long ago. With that great hull armour and laser-point accuracy, we don’t really understand why do you think it should be buffed.

The Leopard is very strong, a good sniper from 2nd or 3rd line. If you are the first one to get spotted, you won’t do so well, but with that penetration, accuracy, camouflage it is a great all-rounder and it would be too OP if we buffed it.

(People started to ask about every tank in the game, so they decided not to go into each tank in particular).

Why is the Type 64 available both in the premium shop and in the tech tree, when tanks like the Blackdog or the 57GF cannot be bought?

The answer is easy. Type 64 is a normal tier 6 premium light tank, whereas the Blackdog or the 57GF have been sold only for special occasions such as the Grand Finals. We don’t nerf premium tanks anymore due to legal reasons, that’s why tanks that are too strong won’t be nerfed, they just won’t be sold again

Will there be further rebalances to SPGs? I suggest, limiting them to only 1 per battle, or deleting the game breaking and stupid stun mechanic.

Currently there are fewer people whining about arty than before. There are always some who will hate arty to death, no matter what we do, and they will want them to be deleted, but there is also a similar number of those who play SPG and enjoy them. Most of the player base just enjoys playing the game and doesn’t care too much about SPG. I would call that a problem without a solution, we are constantly looking into new possibilities and will continue doing that. The biggest issue with limiting their number to 1 per battle is that there would be no more battles without arty, and that is something we don’t want. We don’t think that currently arty is a big issue, but we will keep monitoring the situation and doing tests on our side.

Are there plans to change the stun mechanics?

Not currently. In the Halloween mode, you could see where will the Leviathan’s stuns land, but we are not planning to add that mechanic to arty. It was only added because the Leviathan could fire 5 shots in one go every 10 seconds. We are not planning to change the stun mechanic in the foreseeable future.

Are there plans to add a tutorial “how to not get hit by arty”?

We are currently working on the boot camp and we have already improved the tutorial quite a bit (I guess very few of you have tried it), but we are continuously working on improving the learning experience of the new players, so that we reduce the problem of statpadders playing at tier 2.

Is the premium ammo going to be rebalanced?

We know that a lot of players are complaining about it. Just out of curiosity we looked into the statistics, and the overall percentage of standard ammo penetrations and the premium ammo penetrations differ only by decimals, meaning that almost the same percentage of shots bounce no matter if you have standard or premium ammo loaded in your gun. In the future, it’s very likely that it will be changed, but we don’t know how, and honestly, we don’t think it’s the biggest problem in the game right now. It obviously differs on the tank you are shooting at and your own tank, but according to the statistics, it usually doesn’t make a difference if you are shooting standard or premium ammo.
A lot of players want the premium ammo to be available for golds only, and at the same time you complain that the game is too pay to win, and that is a little bit contradictory. Statistics also showed that in the RU server a lot more premium ammo is being fired and there are no complaints about it, as it is freely available for everyone.

Are there plans to decrease the cost premium ammo so that it costs the same as standard ammo?

Definitely not, that doesn’t make any sense. What would happen is, everyone would load only premium ammo and standard ammo would be useless. There might be some changes in the future, but that’s all I can say for now.

What reasons led you to make the changes you did to the Foch and to the FV215b 183 techtrees?

Regarding the Foch, it was extremely difficult to balance that tank, so we decided that it will be easier to make an entirely new tank while allowing players to keep the old Foch 155.

Concerning the Deathstar, it is very clear. If you look into that line, you see that the tier 10 didn’t have anything in common with the other tanks in that line.

Most changes are done exactly for that reason, we want the gameplay to be consistent across the tiers in one specific line. One of our first tech tree changes was the Maus because a lot of less experienced players were really confused when they went from a not very armoured heavy to a heavy with a turret in the back and armour only at the front, to a superheavy with the turret in the middle.

Why do we have to aim when RNG decides where the shell will go anyways?

We think that without RNG the game wouldn’t be fun at all. It is not linear ( the higher the RNG % the more fun), it doesn’t work like that, but if there was no RNG at all, it wouldn’t be fun. When you look at the aiming circle, you have 80% chance that you will hit the centre of the aiming reticle or its surroundings, while only 20% that you will hit the exterior. To hit the far end of the aiming circle you have something like a 2% or 3% likelihood.

A lot of battles end in 3 minutes with a result between 15-0 and 15-3, are you going to do anything with that?

We are currently looking into it, as it is true that the number turbo games had increased by 5% in 9.18. We were a little bit afraid of it, but it was because players weren’t used to the new MM. Currently, the average battle time is similar to the one before 9.18, which is between 4-5 minutes. We are looking into it, how to possibly make battles longer, but we have no solution just yet. (OT – Milos would like longer battles as well, but he doubts that it is possible to find a solution). Skill MM would not increase the battle time. Interestingly enough, it was related to the number of tanks with paper-thin armour or autoloaders. That was one of the reasons why we divided them into classes so that the MM puts the same number of each group in both teams. We will now monitor how this changes battle times. It also depends on a lot on the tier, high tier battles last much longer in general, whereas in the low tiers it is over pretty quickly.

What about tanks with limited MM?

We know that this is one of the biggest problems in the current MM. We realise that tiers 8 are very problematic, whereas at tier 9 the MM works almost flawlessly. We would like to make the current quality of the tier 9 MM standard across all tiers. We are not going to touch right now the preferential matchmaking tanks, but we would like to address it during the next year. However, besides the problems at tier 8 and some minor issues at tier 6, we can say that the MM is better than before 9.18 and a lot of players are happy about it.

Why not introducing +/-1 MM?

The +/-2 MM gives much more variation. You are one battle at the top, then you are at the bottom. When you have only 3 top tier tanks, they don’t influence the outcome of the battle so much and you can deal with them with your bottom tier tanks, it is much better than having 14 top tiers and 1 bottom tier.

We are continuously trying to balance it further. We divided medium tanks from heavy tanks, we divided vehicles into groups, like superheavies, autoloaders, etc. The problem with that is, the more rules we apply, the more complicated it becomes, and it can reach a state that battle queues would be incredibly long, or that every battle would be the same.

Currently, the problems are tier 8 premium MM and some issues at tier 6. We know about that and we are looking into it.

Are you planning on adding a map system that would allow players to choose which maps to play on?

Definitely not. Imagine if you could choose the map for each tank. Himmelsdorf would only be Type 5 heavy vs. Maus, Malinovka would be 12 light tanks and 3 arty on each team. That would break the game completely.

Everyone screaming in the chat “263!!!!”

There was some info from the supertest, but I remind you, that was the supertest. We have done some tests, we were thinking about replacing the Objekt 263, but currently, it seems that the line will stay how it is now. We will know more info during the next weeks, but the 263 will not be replaced.

How much do you like forbidden mods/cheats?

We don’t like them, we really do not. I think that should be clear from the ban waves. There are some who say “until I don’t see the nicknames, I won’t believe that you really do anything”. Currently, there is an ongoing clan campaign, and if you start looking up the clans, there are many whose players have been disappearing. The reason are the mods like Tundra, fallen objects, etc. that those players have been using during the campaign.

Closing the client so that nobody can make any mods would not solve it. A great example is GTA. They have frozen the client, and such shitstorm happened, that they had to open it again 3 days later. Modding communities are really big and strong and they wouldn’t let us freeze the client completely. We will continue fighting against cheating. How does it work? A player tries an illegal mod, he plays with it once, twice, next day again, and eventually, the spider web (our cheat detector) gets him and he gets banned. During the first ban wave, 6 WG employees have been banned as well. The rules are the same for everyone.

The community would accept a vanilla client if it meant that there would be no more cheats.

A. No, they wouldn’t. Look at Grand Theft Auto, to give one example, they tried exactly this, and the community made Rockstar’s existence a living hell for 3 days until they opened the client for mods again.

What about XVM?

A. Some of our guys want XVM deleted completely (show stats after the battle, but not during them), others think it is not so bad. We would like to compare this situation to the SPG. There are players who love XVM and who would be incredibly frustrated if we deleted it, others would make a party. And we think there is no solution to that, no answer is the right one. We are continuously thinking about it, whether we should do something with player stats in battle or not, but currently, there are no plans.

(Even inside WG there are discrepancies about this, Kayi4ek wants it completely deleted, Milos Jerabek thinks it is not so bad)

Why players that do nothing in the whole battle (AFK, don’t move or shoot in the entire game) still get experience and credits?

Believe it or not, here in Minsk (outside WG HQ) the internet connection is not very good and Milos here got disconnected from the game in 2 battles in a row when he was playing at home. However, if this happens really often, our automatic banning system will find and punish that player.

Are there plans for new game modes for lower tiers? Will Grand Battles come for lower tiers as well?

Regarding new game modes, we are continuously working on it. We are thinking what to do with strongholds, how to further improve this mode. We had meetings here in Minsk with top clan players from both EU and RU servers, and they helped us considerably to create the Halloween mode (quite successfully). We also tried Ranked Battles, which was intended only for tier 10. You have to remember that both Grand Battles and Ranked Battles modes are in Beta stage and we are still working on them. We can already say that a very interesting event will appear during this Christmas period.

If I get really lucky and have an incredible game, I receive 1-5 bonds. At this rate, I will have enough for improved equipment in 2 or 3 years.

A. Bonds are meant to be only for top tiers and top players. We don’t want it to be just another experience, another credit, that’s why you get a significant amount of them only when playing the highest tiers.

What about Team Battles? Is it dying?

Yes, they are dying and will eventually die, we are focusing now on Strongholds and on Ranked Battles. We might also introduce some new tournaments, but Team Battles are not something we are currently working on.

Can you tell us something about the upcoming changes to Strongholds?

None of us two are clan players nor work in the Stronghold department, but if we take a look at the guys who do work there, they are intensively working every day, so I can say that something new will come sooner rather than later.

What will be the next step regarding Ranked Battles, after the horrific changes in the 2nd beta season?

We can say that we are working on the first actual Season (so it’s unlikely that there will be more Beta seasons). The “horrific” changes actually worked really well. We intentionally made the first season very easy, so that the players would be able to notice that, and the 2nd season very difficult. We preferred to go to both extremes because if we took little steps, it would have been very difficult to see the real effects that those changes had.

We have seen that the MM worked well, arty as well, map rotation was praised (there were complains about Ensk, we know about that), and there were complains about the difficulty, but we did that on purpose. Our next step is to introduce the First Season (non Beta) somewhere in the middle regarding difficulty (not too easy, not too hard).

In the Halloween mode, there were bots (Leviathan and the minions were AI-controlled). Will we see a PvE mode in the game?

AI is a big step forwards and it brings a whole new world of possibilities. WoT Console has done a great job with War Stories (OT – Milos played them all and really enjoyed them), and we are looking into implementing a PvE mode into PC version of World of Tanks, but nothing is decided yet.

Why were new patches introduced when there were still bugs in them?

A lot of people complained about Halloween mode and how it destroyed the chat system. We have to disappoint you, but those 2 things don’t have anything in common.

The biggest problem with the chat server was, that we didn’t know what the issue was. We would have fixed it immediately if we knew what was the issue, but players didn’t report it. After that, it got fixed, and the chat worked for someone, for other players no. In these cases, we ask you to write to the Customer Support Service, they will tell you what info we exactly need from you. That helps us a lot when trying to fix such bugs.

The chat system isn’t placed in here, the code is stored in different off-site teams, and none of those teams was guilty, every one of them had to make little changes so that it started working again. The biggest problem was to find the issue, that’s why we ask you to talk to the Customer Support if something doesn’t work for you. We had people working on it 24 hours a day (until midnight, until 4 in the morning…), but without your help and your logs it is extremely difficult to find an error in such a complex system.

What about World of Tanks for Mac OS systems?

The work on this version of the game is done by an external team. Unfortunately, the Mac player base is too small and it is not a priority. (OT – Milos has also a Macbook and knows it’s not perfect, but nothing can be done right now)

Is there going to be an EU 3 server?

Not in the foreseeable future. EU 1 and EU 2 are working well and they could even handle a higher capacity than they are doing now, if needed.

What programming language is WoT written in?

The game is developed partially in C++, the servers use Python and the UI is being developed in Action Script 3 (OT – Milos: Finally a question for my field. Action Script 3 is a dead language for 10 years already, we know that we have problems when hiring staff because of that, but we still use that language for the UI)

What about March of Nations?

EU and RU had it, the rewards were exactly the same. In NA they decided to do a marathon, because last time EU and CIS had a marathon, NA didn’t. The rewards were different because a marathon has nothing to do with the March of nations. MON was a skill-based competition. It depends on every section which events they will have, here in Minsk we don’t decide the events for the EU server, you have to ask Paris HQ.


Defender will not be nerfed, it will stay how it is right now.

Will it be sold?

No comments, we don’t have any information about it.

Will you sell tanks such as IS-5 or Chieftain/T95?

Clan reward tanks won’t be sold. We usually have info about the tanks which will be sold next only 2-3 months before they get on sale so we cannot say which tanks will appear in the Premium Shop in the future.

What about tanks that have been sold before and not anymore?

There are some tanks that have been removed from the Premium shop and now they are sold only on special occasions, others will never be sold again. the Type 59 hasn’t been sold since it was removed from sale. (Milos talking). I can say that as long as I stay the Development Director in WoT, Type 59 won’t go back on sale.

Why is WG removing the climbing/boosting spots on the maps?

A. Because players asked for it. At the beginning, we didn’t consider it a problem, but soon there was a mod that told you the exact route you had to take with your tank in order to climb to a certain position, and in that moment it became an unfair advantage that needs addressing.

What will happen to the T-10?

It’s a surprise. There are many options what to do with it, we are looking into them.

Is it planned to add the hidden characteristics into the garage? Terrain resistances, gun dispersion when moving, turning the turret or tracks.

The reason why they are not in the game is that even now, for a new player all those stats are a hell. We cannot have 50-60 statistics in the game that nobody knows what they are for. All those stats are available, you can check them on external websites, we don’t manipulate secretly with any tank, as there are no hidden characteristics.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Czech Community Q&A

  1. They said so many things so wrong here I won’t even bother adress them as it would take way too long. I will make just one comment. Type 4/5 are “very hard” to play? Seriously? Have those gus even played (other) tier 9 and 10 tanks? Name single tier 10 tank that is easier to play… (arty doesn’t count)

  2. I know an easy way to fix the Jap heavies. Remove those cancerous game breaking derp guns.

  3. They dont want to get that the problem with turbo losses isn´t the overall battle duration. There were 5 minute battles before, but nowadays they´re far earlier decided than pre 9.18. You can see it very often right after 1 min if the battle is won or lost. But WG will never undestand such things, sadly. Thats a thing I´ve learned playing WOT for 5 years.

    They say T9 MM is almost flawless. I agree here, but what´s the reason for this? +/-1 maybe?? But WG is too unflexible and to afraid to lose a bit of revenue, in order to fix one of the greatest problems of this game! They acknowledge that they shouldnt fill up up the MM with more parameters. That´s true. An MM has to be tight and slim. But again… WG monumental unflexibility.

    Thank you very much Harkonnen for this Q&A but WGs answers make me increasingly angry because the level of ignorance and arrogance bugs me.

  4. Leopard 1 being a strong tank compared to the other ones? Not true at all… With the gun dispersion values it has and the reload time, it is not competetive compared to for example Action X and 30B at all… They have armor at least and very good dispersion values and better reload times… I hope for a Leopard 1 buff..

  5. Hello my son was expelled from the game allegedly for using illegal mods, it seems logical to me if it was, but that policy of not giving you evidence, dealing with arrogance etc seems to me more of people of another era more of dictators than of companies of the 21st century . On the other hand put in contact with their customer service to claim the premium tamques, because when I bought them anywhere I would say that if they closed the account I would lose them, they tell me they are in the account at my disposal but not I can touch them because the account is closed well.

    If they tell me that I can open another account, would not it be logical that something I paid with real money of legal tender would be given to me in another account or would I be allowed to give it to whoever I wanted?
    They must abvert that he will lose the money invested in the game if somebody or a machine decides that you are cheating, that does not put it in any place.

    On the other hand, I am going to your customer service asking you to recover the tanks paid in euros and this is the answer of your customer service:

    “First, we must clarify that the goods have not been withdrawn. However, you have lost access to your account due to the use of illegal mods.
    When you installed the game for the first time and after each update, you accept the rules of the game, the End User License Agreement (ALUF) and the Terms of Service.
    These documents, among others, make up the legal contract that you acquire with Wargaming when you create and use an account and dictate the legal scope and the actions that can be taken in an account.
    As you can see in the ALUF, point 9, Rules of the Game, Wargaming may suspend or close your Account as specified in the Terms of Service.
    As you can see in the Terms of Service, point 13, Suspension and closure of your account / Termination of these conditions of service: Wargaming has the right to close an account, temporarily or permanently if the rules of the game are breached.
    When using illegal mods, you have broken the rules of the game, point 4.08, by which, as indicated, any sanction included in the terms indicated in point 1.04 of the rules of the game may be applied: “Wargaming may Suspend, Terminate, Modify or delete an account with or without reason, with or without notice to the owner of the account The accounts closed by Wargaming due to any type of abuse, including but not limited to violation of the rules or the ALUF, will not be reactivated under any concept”
    We understand that this information provides sufficient legal framework for the suspension of access to World of Tanks, the rest of the games are still accessible.
    For any future questions regarding this suspension, please go to the legal department. Any ticket will be closed without answer:
    Wargaming Public Limited Company”

    Nothing does not have anything where it says that you are going to lose your money invested.

    Beware of your purchases in this game, you can close an account with or without reason and you will lose everything you have invested

    Thank you for your time and forgive that it is so long, but I am outraged that I stole the money that costs so much to earn, since I was not warned of that circumstance

  6. I’m gonna be honest. One of the few things keeping in the game is the +2 MM. If they added +1 to all tanks, and the variation was gone. As some tiers only have 5-6 tanks in rotation constantly. I would get bored instantly and leave the game tbh. Then again…. I miss the old +4 scout MM days on my Luchs trolling Tiger II’s.

    And as for the Type 4 and 5… Only thing that’s broken about them is the gold HE ammo, as most that complain about the tank have not played it. The line from tier 7 and up is the most frustrating grind ever. And the armor don’t even work vs normal ammo half the time. And they should make the AP guns more relevant and buff them so more will use it vs derp. As now they are 100% useless. On the tier 7 to 8 you run O-I derp anyway. And Idk why they don’t nerf the damage and toss in more pen on the gold HE on the type 4/5. So they don’t 1 shot tier 8 meds and tier 9 lights with 1400 damage.

  7. You know they are full of it when they say the Leopard 1 is powerful.

    They do have a point with the Type 4/5 but their derp guns are stupid and the premium ammo is just a sign of how poorly thought out it is.

    Speaking of premium ammo, it looks like their stats is a blanket figure that covers everything including soft skinned vehicles being penetrated. They should look at individual vehicles, especially the slower vehicles without the DPM the more mobile vehicles have. See how much more they get penetrated by from premium ammo vs standard ammo and look at their performance trends. It is so easy to see everything is fine when you are looking at wrong stats.

    That’s how you get accurate figures of the effects of premium ammo. And everyone has access to them so it is fine is a stupid point of view. Premium ammo benefits the faster vehicle with DPM more because they aren’t balanced around armour. A slower, heavily armoured vehicle gains very little from using premium ammo compared to their lost of survivability. So just because everyone has access to a former pay to win item (i.e. a broken mechanic now), doesn’t mean everyone gets the same benefits from using it.

    These devs are a bunch of useless twats.

  8. When they say the MM (3-5-7 layout) is fine because the top 3 tanks don’t that much of an impact in the game is so funny. An IS-7 top tier in the 3-5-7 MM is godlike tank. Any tier 10 tank does well with the 3-5-7 MM 90% of the times, ending up with some monster damages sometimes. But hey, lets keep it and the 90% of the time as bottom tier.

    Types 4/5 are a joke. “When a type 5 one-shots something, everyone points out how broken they are. However, they don’t realise how many shells did the type 5 driver unsuccessfully fire before that.”

    Sure, games where a Type one-shots something are not unusual, even more than once per game. But hey, when you have a tank that can snapshot its shots and deal 500/700 dmg and the enemy tank needs to press the “2” key to be able to have a chance to make 400 damage, you know the tanks are well balanced.

  9. “Type 5 is ok, almost nobody uses it so we don’t give a **** about how OP, ******ed, broken and harmful the tank is for the game”

  10. If you have such ****ty understanding of the game as this WG guy has, then you shouldn’t be in a balancing position. I mean,type 4 and type 5 take skill Because you don’t pen every shot for 1.4k? What? How can you even think this works like that?

  11. Good to know they dont play their own game at all.
    Type 5 hard to play…. topkek.
    Leopard 1 would be op if they buffed it … lmao
    But i guess it’s just continuation of they changes tried on supertest where they nerfed medium pen and penetration over distance. They are just going at it in different way by making heavies better then every other cl*** in the game. But as long as Steve the IS7 driver is happy in his type 5 or IS7, and spams gold they have no problem with it. Because lucky for them that describes 90% of the playerbase.
    Also funny to read about mm being +2 because of “variation”. There are god knows how many tier 8s in the game and when you look at tier lower and higher you get probably over 200 tanks. If thats not enough variation i dont know what is. But funnily enough they dont even have to remove +2 mm. They can just prioritize +1 and same tier mm.

    And lastly there’s this –
    “A lot of people complained about Halloween mode and how it destroyed the chat system. We have to disappoint you, but those 2 things don’t have anything in common.
    The biggest problem with the chat server was, that we didn’t know what the issue was.”

    Thats pure gold right there.

  12. It’s ****ing miserable to play tbh, I stopped using the 15cm because unless you’re willing to spam pay to win rounds its hell. And while the 14cm is more consistent, it struggles a lot. And this is not to mention the fact that it doesn’t matter how thick the armour is if everyone and their mother who runs into it just presses “2” to auto win.

  13. This is one of the biggest cheat games! Everyone can use cheat mods and they do it! Wot customer service are horrible! They all have fake names, their english is bellow average. One of the idiots who work there who called himself danielle boone was threaten to me that he will me ban my chat because I said to some camper hang yourself at one place as much as you want. He banned me from chat for 2 weeks! You made this game for kids from 4 to 10 yo. who all they do is ruin this game or send fake reports. Why dont you make servers 18+ and second 18- it will be more efficient then this stupid system with reports!
    P. S. Tell to danille boone that i will sue your wargaming company because of idiots like him

  14. I play WoTB and I gotta say man, WoTB’s Balance Team feels a lot better than the Balance Team for PC…

  15. Uhm you are correct, but with the O-ni and O-ho armour only rarely works because they are bottom tier often. Against most same tier tanks they are nigh invulnerable when played decently well, until players dab the 2 key.
    And the tier 9 and 10, well think about it this way, WOT is a game mostly about trading, its pretty damn hard to pen them without premium ammo and they can just hit you anywhere even when you are playing perfectly sidescraping in your IS7 and they will still deal about 4-500 damage at least, so yes they are broken as its basically just load premium or get slowly eaten away or just f’d because of all the module damage.

    Soviet tanks are known to be pretty laid back (forgiving) to play, but these tanks take it a whole new level. Cause you are basically invulnerable, until you are not, but then its already over, cause you get overrun or your opponent dabs 2 key and you cant do much anymore, cause a decently aimed premium round is almost guaranteed pen.

  16. Really their issue is they are balanced around premium ammo in terms of armour and that is most definitely NOT a good thing…

  17. Only 6 people at Wargaming actually play their game.

    Type 4/5 is broken not because they can do 1400 dmg if they pen, it’s because they do 500 dmg to IS-7 turret. And the IS-7 only have a chance of penetration if it press the two key.

    Arty is better in my opinion but minimum stun time is ridiculous, that should be removed and the penalty is too high.

    Leopard 1 is a good tank. Except if you look at VBaddict it bottoms all chart.

  18. Would that be the same Miloš Je?ábek who in that legendary video said that he would take on a Defender in his TVP VTU? Yeah lol.

  19. @Suka: Pretty dumb statement in it’s own. If the tank is so m***ively OP, why aren’t the battles overwhelmed by those vehicles?

    @GottwyCz: Pretty much every Soviet tier X Med is a no-brainer, also tanks such as T110E5, WZ111111- Variant 138 or whatever the name, IS-4, T50/51/52/53/54/55 and some more that I forgot.
    Basically any tank that is smaller than 20x20x20 meters (roughly Type5 dimensions) and one that moves faster than 12 mph is a lot easier to play than the Type 5.

  20. That time when an angry commenter was too dumb to realize, that T9’s MM is +1/-2 and not +/-1.
    maybe we should have this kind of MM for every tier. Oh wait…

  21. This confirms again that devs are ******s that dont play their game.
    The leopard 1 should have 1,7 secs of aim time and 290 pen to be competitive with 0,3 accuracy. (same as the ****ing premium skorpion panther at tier 8. (Yeah, what the **** wargaming, its a work of fiction yet has the same accuracy as a cold war tank) get real.

  22. What they say about the Leopard is pure ****. This vehicle has worse gun and mobility softstats than the 140, whilst the 140 is better in every single other aspect. The Leopards relies on mobility and snapshot abilities, and it is’nt great in bost categories. Mobility is comparable with 140 due to softstats and the gunhandling is worse than the Action X, which has functional armor. It has the worst winrate of all the tier 10’s. How the **** can it be OP when they buff the softstats to 140 level?

  23. actually this game isn’t made for kid under 7, and he chat ban you mostly because you’re either swearing, threatening or other reason, which all game staff would’ve done the same to you…

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