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World of Tanks: CT Update 1.5.1 Coming Soon

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World of Tanks Update 1.5.1 could be entering Common Test very soon, so soon that it could be deployed this week.

According to WOT Express, Update 1.5.1 could be released into Common Test stage tomorrow, 16 May, or worst-case scenario, by Friday, 17 May.

Update 1.5.1 will bring balance changes to a lot of medium tanks but no further details have been revealed. As it will be an interim update, no major new features should be brought into the game, but more balances and tweaks could be expected.

Please note, all Common Test will now require you install Wargaming Game Centre, as the old install will no longer work. If you want to take part in the Common Test, make sure you download and install WGC.

As usual, we will share more details as soon as they are known.

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