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World of Tanks: CT 1.4 New Styles

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With the release of Update 1.4, there will be three new styles coming to the game, where two might be specific to certain regions.

The first will be a unique style for the upcoming Chinese Tier VIII Premium light tank M41D, the Farmoz Tricolor, a camouflage used by the Republic of China armoured forces in the ’90s, the camouflage is historical all can be used on all seasons. The style is most likely the unique style players will be able to get when they buy the tank.

The second style named Alpha Bank might be exclusive to the Russian Server, has it looks like another cooperation between Wargaming and a private bank. Alpha Bank is the largest private bank in Russia, but it has branches all around the World. It’s yet unclear how players will be able to get the style.

Last but not least, a new style will emerge to celebrate Australia Day, an all-season style dedicated to an Australian national holiday celebrated in honour of the proclamation of British sovereignty over Australia’s east coast in 1788.

Source: WOT Express

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: CT 1.4 New Styles

  1. i hope they sell the alpha bank style and the Australian holiday style across all servers, really want those for my maus and cent RAAC.

  2. The alpha bank style? I would never put a camo on a tank that is basically an advertisement, especially if the advertised company is a bank (!). Personally, I like the Farmoz Tricolor from the M41D best, but if Harkonnen is right I won’t be able to get it, because I will not buy the tank. Shame.

  3. The M41 is slowly becoming the Pershing/M4 of premiums…


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