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World of Tanks: Crew 2.0 Postponed!

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World of Tanks has recently been testing its second iteration to Crew 2.0! For all of you who complained and moaned to Wargaming, good job, Crew 2.0 has been postponed, but, 1s of now, no decision has been made regarding the future of Crew 2.0. One thing you can be certain of, the new crew system will not be released to live servers for at least half a year, meaning if anything comes up again should be around mid-2022!

What’s next?

Wargaming made the following statement in regards to Crew 2.0:

Once we have processed all the data, we will need time to elaborate potential changes based on your feedback and collected information, then test them. All decisions regarding Crew 2.0 will be communicated and tested together with the community. This was, and still remains, the main condition for the release of the feature.

World of Tanks definitely needs a new Crew system, but Wargaming was on the wrong path from the start. Hopefully, these recent fiascos will make the developers get their thinking hats together and together with the community, come up with a decent Crew 2.0 system.

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  1. The best thing to happen to WoT since the cancellation of Rubicon

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