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World of Tanks Console – Tiger Hammer Challenge

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Hello everyone,

World of Tanks PS4 and Xbox ONE got a new tank to play with: Tiger Hammer.

You can get this tank by either complete a series of challenges or if you buy one of two Packs, where one of these Packs also brings a Kanonenjagdpanzer. Also you can get a few really cool Emblems.

For more details, just have a look in the official page.

2 thoughts on “World of Tanks Console – Tiger Hammer Challenge

  1. I earned my first mark of excellence with the Tiger 1, using it to complete the Hammer challenge. The stat difference is real tho, Hammer has 170 less horsepower, 50 more hitpoints, the turret turns 4 degrees slower, and the dispersion value is .01 better. I do like it tho, I think she’s purdy.

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